52 @ 1,2,3 and 4


So I sort of, un-officially bloggishly signed up to do a picture a week for all the whole year long. Only I haven’t lived up to my part of the bargain for January yet, what with all the finishing up my Ministry job at church, secret mystery shopping every post office in the Hampton Roads area and stalking Mako, the Trader Joe’s shark.  So today is going to be catch up day.

Week 1 Jan 1 2010

 Bo and I were hard at work begging the fine people of Samsung to send us to the Olympic Games in Vancouver. We had a good time capturing footage at the ice skating rink in Boone, NC as well as the skatepark back home in Virginia Beach.

Week 2 Jan 9


Beth is a cheerleader for Upward Basketball which is played at Courthouse Community United Methodist Church. Before each game one of the referees prays over both teams, the coaches and all the cheerleaders. Another volunteer gives a devotion at half-time, and the cheerleaders cheer for both teams. Pretty cool way to spend a Friday night (practice) and a Saturday morning for a growing-up-too-fast 6th grader.

Week 3 Jan 16

Wes and his buddy Jack and 3 other indoor soccer teammates earned a trip to Orlando to play 3v3 soccer in the National Kick-It tournament at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.   Jack moved to Virginia Beach from Weston, FL the same month that we moved from Plymouth, MI.  They were put on the same “C” team since they missed tryouts in the Fall, then moved up together to the “B” team for the spring season and finally made the “A” team this Fall 2009.  In the Disney tournament, Jack’s former FL team made it to the quarter finals as did our team, the Mojos.  After a tough loss early Monday morning, the roadtrippers hit I-95 back to VA.  Since we had flown, we stuck around watching games only to discover we had one more game to play!   Wouldn’t you know it was against Jack’s old team!  It was a friendly match up and Jack and Wes played hard and were able to leave with a smile after playing hard for their “invisible” team.

Week 4 Jan 22

I got to sub 3 times in the same 4th grade classes the last few weeks.  Two times was  for the “good cop” teacher and once for her “bad cop” counterpart.  I was all excited that day because I just knew the kids would be happy to see me.  I told them how they actually cheered the last time I was there.   When I told that to my hubby he said, “Alright ‘Michael Scott.’”

Now I know why she’s so mean. They were awful. Just what you’d expect when the mean teacher is away and the sub is easy going. **sigh**

And with THAT, I am caught up! 4 weeks down, 48 to go.  Bring it on, 2010!


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