Snow Day!


Doubters, be silenced!

On Thursday the emails were flying about the Winter Weather that was sure to come.

But most of the Hampton Roads area has become immune to such reports and is now a real-life version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf with wolf=snow and boy=weathermen.


Look what we woke up to on Saturday morning!

Funny little thing about snow in coastal Virginia.  They don’t plow. 

Or salt.

or even toss sand.

So we had a Saturday snow day–games cancelled.

We had a Sunday snow day–CHURCH cancelled.

And now a Monday 1/2 day make up day from the Nor’Easter cancelled.

It’s just like being back in MI!  Only with actual snow days.  And not being able to drive anywhere.

Good times!


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  1. That’s more snow than we have had up here in The Mitten! It’s so strange that Ya’ll down south have had more winter than we have!
    We have the cold though. Oh yes we do.

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