Speaking of…


So the 15 year old has come up with a new game.  It is hilarious and much to his delight I am no good at it.  I don’t even think he would call it a “game” per se, but it provides much entertainment on the ride across town to church, practice, etc.  I call it:

“Speaking Of”

So what you do is tack on a random disconnected phrase to the end of someone’s sentence using the last thing they mentioned.  Here are a few examples.

“I’m so tired…I stayed up way too late last night.”

“Speaking of staying up late, I love apple juice.”

“Speaking of apple juice, I gotta get new shoes.”

“Speaking of new shoes, what’s for dinner?”

And on it goes. 

I am terrible because I can never connect something random and unrelated in the proper comedic timing.  Kinda like Michael Scott playing the Alphabet game.

Try it at home, work, or school and report back to me here.   Consider yourselves my personal Speaking Of trainers.


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