Idol recap

That’s right.  I’m out of stories/pictures/creativity today but desiring to be more consistent.  Caving to the blog-a-TV-recap genre:
Michael Lynche – “This is a Man’s World” – Best of the night but not my favorite.
John Park – “Gravity” – meh
Casey James – “I Don’t Wanna Be” – Good not great.  No danger.
Alex Lambert – “Everybody Knows” – Favorite
Todrick Hall – “What’s Love Got to Do With It” – Buh bye.
Jermaine Sellers – “What’s Going On” – FroHawk,  I don’t think you inquired of God about the bowtie.  I’m just sayin’.
Andrew Garcia – “You Give Me Something” – Rocked the Drew Carey glasses and it didn’t sound pitchy to me, but whatdoI know.
Aaron Kelly – “My Girl” –  Almost liked it.
Tim Urban – “Come On Get Higher” – Put him on Glee.  Or better yet, Community College Musical.
Lee Dewyze – “Lips of an Angel” – 2nd favorite
Kara— red dress, one-shoulder bling-age.  Getting prettier and prettier, though the hubby didn’t like the plastered back hair.  
***That’s “plastered-back” hair not “plastered back-hair.”  Just to be clear.***
Randy–Did some producer-type person make him stop saying “yo” and “dawg?”  He may even have a language coach.  Complete sentences.  Word.
Simon–Has a point, but sadly not enough buttons.   Someone give that man a sewing kit.   Seriously, some snaps?  A shirt zipper?  Velcro perhaps?
Ellen— Didn’t get that clothing allowance she was lobbying for.  Did she.
So what’djoo think?

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