Idol Recap Girls

Crystal Bowersox – “Long As I Can See Light” – Loved.  It.  Not familiar with the song, but I thought she rocked it.
Haeley Vaughn – “The Climb” – Played.  Love her.  Hope she makes it & nails something next week.
Lacey Brown – “Kiss Me” –  Song was OK but DANG, did you SEE that awesome giant flower necklace?  WANT IT.
Katie Stevens – “Put Your Records On” – She did so much better with this song than that leggy girl a few seasons back.  She’s solid, but I get that ‘old’ vibe too. 
Didi Benami – “Lean On Me” – I didn’t think it was as bad as the judges said.  Love her.  Hope she stays.
Michelle Delamor – “Arms Wide Open” – Buh bye.
Lily Scott – “Change Is Gonna Come” – 2nd Favorite
Katelyn Epperly – “The Scientist” – I thought she nailed it.  She’ll stay.
Paige Miles – “Walk Away” – She’s good, but this song was blah.  I don’t think idols should sing other idols…too “themey”  When ARE they making them sing themes? 
Siobhan Magnus – “Think” – I was dying for that polka-dotted tee to turn into lace or a black bolero–so very distracting.  I did NOT think she hit that big note.  She’s bizarre.  So bizarre, it just.  might.  work.
Ellen–a polka dot ascot.  Really??!?
Randy–lose the camp-strung colored necklace.  I’m over it.
Kara–rock that freak show ponytail
Simon–Would it KILL you to wear a color?  I choose teal, green or red.  I double dog dare ya.
And you?  What do you think of my opinion?

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  1. Tonight I liked Crystal and Katelyn.

    Did not care for Michelle or Haeley.
    I did not think Siobhan hit that note either. Perfectly pitchy was what it was!

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