We The People


(sing it with me)

…in order to form a more perfect union


PROvide for the common defense

proMOTE the general welfare a-and

secure the blessings of liberty

to ourselves and our posterity

do ordain and esta-a-a-blish

this Cons-ti-tu-tiiiiioooooon

fo-or the

United States o-o-of


My 8th grader was chosen to be a part of a social studies Q & A competition regarding the Constitution.  Their team did well in Districts and so were able to compete this past weekend in Richmond at The Court of Appeals.  She was initially a little concerned about being associated with “smart people” but that challenge quickly evaporated once she found out how “normal” other “smart people” can be.  As well as “cute.”

I must say, I believe my IQ went up several hundred points as well after sitting in for several of the mock hearings.  My daughter’s portion covered “Who is John Locke” and I was so pleased she didn’t reference LOST.  She spoke with clarity and eloquence and didn’t slouch.  I was beaming.   One of the main speakers kept referring to the Constitution as a “miraculous document” and actually got me to care just a tiny wee little bit.  I do take my freedom for granted.  But I also daily celebrate being done with all manner of social studies classes.   So there’s that.

Our school’s team placed 4th in the State (beating a neighboring middle school–“I got your blessings of liberty RIGHT HERE!”) and celebrated at the Starbucks.

And I can NOT overestimate the domestic tranquility of parenting only one child for the entire whole weekend.  Those founding fathers knew of which they spoke.  Of establishing.  Of. 


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