And now, a moment with Dr. Phil


Dear American Idol Top 11,

We all have an off day/week/song.  I feel your elimination pain. 

I am imagining how you have all manner of stage managers, music directors, PR people, wardrobe designers, photographers, commercial directors and assorted other media people barking directions and tips and “don’t forgets” at you all the time.  It’s probably safe to say that your 2 minutes on stage each week is THE ONLY time you are able to hear yourself think right alongside the panic of not forgetting the words.  Then you get to stand & smile through the torturous judges’ debatable assessments and make number fingers for the camera to try to save yourself. 

Right about now you may be realizing this is not what you signed up for on that Golden Ticket day. 

Can I just say, remember today that everyone blew it?  Kelly blew it.  Reuben blew it.  God knows Taylor Hicks blew it.  Daughtry even blew it.  It’s all part of the (scripted) UNscripted drama.  Part of the formula is this midway point where we all think that none of you are any good which sets up the big moment where we all realize that you (winner or 2nd place loser) were our favorite ALL ALONG. 

So today I’m telling you what I’m telling myself.  You are not done yet. 

And also?  A little bit of crazy goes a long way.

You know who you are.


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