Nice to meet you, Thirsty


Buncha ladies just left my house after Bible Study and one question we discussed is still rolling around in my head.

“How do you ‘remember’ … the Lord’s Supper?”

We talked about how often our churches observe it.  How long it takes.  Who does or doesn’t come forward.  We talked about how it was done when we were kids.  We talked about being faced with our personal short-comings and how that’s WHY we remember.

But we didn’t really talk about what happens after we eat & drink.

One time when I heard the scriptures read about the body & blood of Jesus broken & poured out for us (me) and the line “Do this, as oft as you drink/eat of it, and remember me”  I wondered if Jesus meant every single time his disciples ate or drank ANYTHING, he would like to be remembered. 

So as I sat in the quiet, recently tidied-up-for-company kitchen, I ate and drank.  I remembered and prayed.  And I thought.

I initially eat because I’m hungry.  The food itself instantly satisfies a minor physical ache, but that’s just the beginning.  Once chewed and swallowed, what I eat begins releasing nutrition all over the body providing energy so that my body can function throughout the day.  In other words, what I take in (well, most of it)  is necessary, active, and useful. 

And that got me thinking about the Body of Believers.  I take part & reflect on the Lord’s Supper but is that all I’m called to do?  After I leave The Table am I going forth  fortifying the rest of The Body?  Am I easily digested or am I causing discomfort, bloating or swelling?  Am I really adding nutritious elements to the body or just “empty calories?” 

Then there’s the drink.  I thought about the “fruit of the vine” and how it may have been the safest drink there was at the time.  Celebratory.  Tasty.  Costly.  Though I was only drinking water, I thought about the effort that would have gone into making THAT cup of water clean and useful for my body.  The first guest to arrive that morning said, “I don’t want any ice. ”   Is my temperature palatable and appropriate for The Body’s needs and preferences?  Hot & soothing or cold & refreshing as the need presents itself?

I thought about how I don’t always realize how dehydrated I am.  I heard a story once about a guy who, when his kids whined saying “I’m thirsty,”  he would respond  “Nice to meet you, Thirsty.”  I thought about how thirst is the very first layer of the drink’s usefulness–eradicating discomfort.  But how much more use there is for the water other than quenching thirst!   All the body functions and the body itself cannot exist without the presence of enough water.  What % of our body is made up of water anyway?  I’ll tell you…A LOT% that’s how much.   More than half, isn’t it?  Kinda like the earth? 

As a member of the Body of Christ, am I accepting the bread & cup and finding myself satisfied?  After that, am I then at work to participate quenching thirst in some other weary traveler?  Am I comforting and useful for the body?  Am I palatable to the parts of the body I come into contact with?   And more importantly, am I a willing participant in the cleansing process that makes me ready and available for service?

May it be so, Lord.  Make it so. 

Bon appetit!


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