Monthly Archives: April 2010

Sibling Arch


Oh, the drama that surrounds me. 

I used to look behind me at four sweet little ducklings that followed me around like a tiny parade in the grocery store chirping to on-lookers, “We’re all hers.” 

I used to have two in the double stroller with two dutifully holding on to each side.

I used to religiously monitor back-to-back naptimes every afternoon.

But now. 

Oh, now I look ahead of me at the future with blind optimism that “this too shall pass” and it’s hard not to wish “now” away.

Because they are old enough to look like almost grown ups, yet don’t have a grasp on responsibility.

They are confident enough to challenge the beliefs that have been ingrained in them while fighting the boundaries of freedom they think they can handle.

They are insecure enough to throw each other under the bus to avoid being thrown under the bus by each other.

I read the most beautiful thing the other day.  It was from Leonardo da Vinci’s Journal of Inventions–The Pop Up Version.

(How cool is that?)  It was on the section of architecture and what he studied, tested, and sketched.

An arch is little more than a strength caused by two weaknesses.  The two segments of a circle are themselves unstable.  However, by placing one against the other so that each withstands the downfall of the other, the two weaknesses become a strength.

This is the drama that is my life as mother of four adolescent/child people.   I am reminded that it, too, is beautiful.

Just a different kind of beautiful than having 3 in diapers and one on the way.

My Sister Ran a Marathon


She?  …is what I like to call:  a ROCK.  STAR. 

She got a whole bunch of pledges for this charity

She trained for weeks fighting fatigue, the elements, and nature.

She got up at 0:dark:30  — on a Sunday.

And she ran her wee fanny right off along with some other fine people.

Way to go, Sis!  YOU are MY Bob & Jillian only without all the yelling & making me do stuff.  WAY TO FREAKIN’ GO!!


Meanwhile, in Virginia…look what came to me.