My Sister Ran a Marathon


She?  …is what I like to call:  a ROCK.  STAR. 

She got a whole bunch of pledges for this charity

She trained for weeks fighting fatigue, the elements, and nature.

She got up at 0:dark:30  — on a Sunday.

And she ran her wee fanny right off along with some other fine people.

Way to go, Sis!  YOU are MY Bob & Jillian only without all the yelling & making me do stuff.  WAY TO FREAKIN’ GO!!


Meanwhile, in Virginia…look what came to me.

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  1. I love how you make me laugh!! YOU, my friend (and sister) are the REAL rock star. . . you are the one battling all the ELEMENTs and obstacles, with a witty and faithful attitude. And YOU, my sis, are the one that talked me into going all those times I didn’t wanna. And YOU are the one that held me together MANY times in my life when I felt like I was spinning WILDLY out of control with no direction. YOU are the rock star. and poop on the scooter people.

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