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I’m coaching myself not to be starstruck when I meet  Shauna Niequist tomorrow.

I so want to be normal and not all “ohmygoshyouputinwordswhatifeelhowdidyoulearntodothat” -ish

I think it will happen because she seems to be the type of gal who puts people at ease.

The first week we moved to Virginia Beach in June of 2008 I did two things at church:

1)  Signed up to help with Vacation Bible School

2)  Joined a ladies book club

VBS was a diversion from unpacking for me and my 4 tweens.  The book club was a diversion from the tweens.

We read Cold Tangerines which I adored.  However, I could never make it to another meeting since I got hired by the church.  JUST LIKE SHAUNA!

But the similarities don’t end there.  She is a PK (preacher’s kid).  I am married to one.  She has a preschooler, I miss having preschoolers.  She writes about food, I eat food while thinking about writing.  Uncanny, the resemblance.  It’s like we’re twins, only 10 or so years apart and in different states and with completely different parents and upbringings.

In her second book, Bittersweet, she talks a lot about joy and pain and how they go together.  Unbelievable.  I’VE HAD SEASONS OF PAIN TOO!

And I thought I was the only one.

I can’t wait to hear her put voice to her thoughts.  She helps me listen.

“Pointless” Prayers


I posed a question on Facebook,  “Do you think I should pray that God would make me taller?  He has the power, right?”

What I was really asking is, “Should people pray for things that probably won’t happen?”  It was really a thinking question and not one that is a real desire of mine (to be taller) although the prayer part is a desire of mine (recognizing God’s power and my need to connect with Him).  I was just wondering about prayers and how they intermingle with our thoughts, desires and wishes.  And do my prayer requests (or lack thereof) always make sense to God?  Am I asking for God to “make me taller” when it’s pretty clear I am as tall as I am gonna get.  And am I thiiiiis { } close to what God really wants me to be praying for?  Or am I neglecting to ask God for something because I think it won’t happen because it’s impossible.   And another thing…will He give me the blessings He has for me even if I have neglected to ask for them ?

Of course God can, and always does, unscramble our sincere ramblings when we call out to Him, but I’m talking about praying with intention.  And on the flip side, praying without “editing.”

To put it in facebook terminology…when we pray vaguely and broadly, for example, for “God’s will to be accomplished,” are we really just “liking” God’s status when what He really wants is for us to be searching his profile page…curious about what He’s been up to,  making public comments, private messages and including others in conversations about Him?   Are we “Suggesting friends” for Him and interested in the “pages” He’s interested in?    (Clearly, I know waaaay too much about facebook).

Why should I NOT ask God to make me grow taller?  Is it because my motivation is wrong?  Is it because He put the DNA process in place before I even entered the world what my height would be?  Is it because I’m wasting God’s time asking for something I know I won’t be receiving?  Is it because “size doesn’t matter?”

Or is it OK to ask such things of God–even knowing such requests are flawed logically–by the simple reason that it still counts as spending time with Him?  He can and does guide my thoughts from what I *think* I want Him to do–knowing He has the power to do the impossible–to revealing what He wants for me, and teaching me (eventually and with great patience) how to ask for that.

He can and will accomplish exactly what He intends to accomplish no matter what I think or feel or ask. So why even ask?

“The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has spoken—who can change his plans?  When his hand is raised, who can stop him?”  Isaiah 14:27

So do you ever ask God to make you “taller?”   When have you persisted in what seemed like a “pointless” prayer?

Mawwiage..the west of the stowy


Mawwiage.  Is what bwings us togevah.   Today.

One life…with another life that becomes more than the two lives put togevah. 

A wheel within a wheel.  And though the wheels must, at times be wotated, the wheels, when aligned pwoperyee, will wesult in forward pwogwess.

And though it’s hard to bewieve on this wedding day that you will have twoubles, you can be sure that they will come.

And when vey come, wemain stwong.

Wemain wobust.

Avoid pwocwastinating.

Weport yo twoubles to each uver.  And pwimawily,  take time…to wisten.

Wisten.   to va voice.   of yo wover.

Weceive the bwessing of yo wover’s thoughts and dweams.

Be wawy not to twample vem into the gwound.

Help.  Yo wover.  Achieve their dweams.

And shawe wif yo wover YOUR dweams.

Teach vem to wisten. 

Be tolewent while vey gwasp how to wisten.

And wuv.  Twoo wuv…

Wif hawd work and wesponsibiwity will be yours fowevah.

Subbing Adventures


I subbed in 3rd grade today.  They are so funny.

One kid told me as I was passing out the first assignment that we go to lunch at 12:13.

I told him that his teacher told me everything I needed to know to get them fed and when.  Why, I even know WHERE the lunchroom … I mean “cafeTORIUM”  is located.

A kid told me after lunch that his “waist” was hurting.

I told him to “read it off.”

Then after lunch we had a Math PRE-assessment.  I read word-for-word how this was LIKE a test, but just to see what they know already so that Mrs. M will know WHAT she needs to teach them.  I explained 3 different ways that they didn’t NEED to know every answer.  Just put a question mark if you don’t know something.  Write “I don’t know this.”  Another option?  GUESS.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “But I don’t KNOW how to do ‘times’ yet,” and “She hasn’t told us how do this yet,” and “How do you do this?”

My mom taught 3rd grade for years.  My favorite story is about the time she gave directions to her students for what to do after they were finished with an assignment:

“When you are finished, you can get a piece of paper and draw on it.”

Which prompted one student to say, upon turning in his paper, “What do I do now?”

“Get.  A piece of paper.  And DRAW.”

To which he replied,

“On it?”

Uh…yeah.  Let’s go with that.