Subbing Adventures


I subbed in 3rd grade today.  They are so funny.

One kid told me as I was passing out the first assignment that we go to lunch at 12:13.

I told him that his teacher told me everything I needed to know to get them fed and when.  Why, I even know WHERE the lunchroom … I mean “cafeTORIUM”  is located.

A kid told me after lunch that his “waist” was hurting.

I told him to “read it off.”

Then after lunch we had a Math PRE-assessment.  I read word-for-word how this was LIKE a test, but just to see what they know already so that Mrs. M will know WHAT she needs to teach them.  I explained 3 different ways that they didn’t NEED to know every answer.  Just put a question mark if you don’t know something.  Write “I don’t know this.”  Another option?  GUESS.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “But I don’t KNOW how to do ‘times’ yet,” and “She hasn’t told us how do this yet,” and “How do you do this?”

My mom taught 3rd grade for years.  My favorite story is about the time she gave directions to her students for what to do after they were finished with an assignment:

“When you are finished, you can get a piece of paper and draw on it.”

Which prompted one student to say, upon turning in his paper, “What do I do now?”

“Get.  A piece of paper.  And DRAW.”

To which he replied,

“On it?”

Uh…yeah.  Let’s go with that.


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