Mawwiage..the west of the stowy


Mawwiage.  Is what bwings us togevah.   Today.

One life…with another life that becomes more than the two lives put togevah. 

A wheel within a wheel.  And though the wheels must, at times be wotated, the wheels, when aligned pwoperyee, will wesult in forward pwogwess.

And though it’s hard to bewieve on this wedding day that you will have twoubles, you can be sure that they will come.

And when vey come, wemain stwong.

Wemain wobust.

Avoid pwocwastinating.

Weport yo twoubles to each uver.  And pwimawily,  take time…to wisten.

Wisten.   to va voice.   of yo wover.

Weceive the bwessing of yo wover’s thoughts and dweams.

Be wawy not to twample vem into the gwound.

Help.  Yo wover.  Achieve their dweams.

And shawe wif yo wover YOUR dweams.

Teach vem to wisten. 

Be tolewent while vey gwasp how to wisten.

And wuv.  Twoo wuv…

Wif hawd work and wesponsibiwity will be yours fowevah.


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