I’m coaching myself not to be starstruck when I meet  Shauna Niequist tomorrow.

I so want to be normal and not all “ohmygoshyouputinwordswhatifeelhowdidyoulearntodothat” -ish

I think it will happen because she seems to be the type of gal who puts people at ease.

The first week we moved to Virginia Beach in June of 2008 I did two things at church:

1)  Signed up to help with Vacation Bible School

2)  Joined a ladies book club

VBS was a diversion from unpacking for me and my 4 tweens.  The book club was a diversion from the tweens.

We read Cold Tangerines which I adored.  However, I could never make it to another meeting since I got hired by the church.  JUST LIKE SHAUNA!

But the similarities don’t end there.  She is a PK (preacher’s kid).  I am married to one.  She has a preschooler, I miss having preschoolers.  She writes about food, I eat food while thinking about writing.  Uncanny, the resemblance.  It’s like we’re twins, only 10 or so years apart and in different states and with completely different parents and upbringings.

In her second book, Bittersweet, she talks a lot about joy and pain and how they go together.  Unbelievable.  I’VE HAD SEASONS OF PAIN TOO!

And I thought I was the only one.

I can’t wait to hear her put voice to her thoughts.  She helps me listen.


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  1. I asked Connor if they had these at Family Christian, he said they were special order.
    You have been a busy kitty blobbing! I need to play catch up!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Friend Shannon.

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