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Indiana Jones Christmas Beach Party


I always look forward to my hubby’s office party.  They are a hoot.

Bunch of high strung financial wizards with a few loose cannons sprinkled in for good measure.   It’s these guys who make the magic happen each December when we gather.  Hubby’s first year with the company, they hosted a Murder Mystery party complete with beads, gangster guns and feather boa’s for all us flappers.  I got to know everyone that year by their mafia names.

The last two years have been more formal, but with the added bonus of smuggled nerf guns.

And then there’s the annual tossing of the bread balls which happens just after the salad is consumed and about 17 seconds after the baskets of rolls are set down at the tables.  I was fortunate enough to be sitting with the New Guy and his lovely wife this year and was able to give them a timely warning of the flying starches.  They, along with the hotel staff, were not amused.

Now this year we were told to dress for an “Indiana Jones Adventure” and let me just say that outside of Banana Republic,  I’ve never seen so much khaki in one room.

Hubby was unable to locate a cool leather dusty wide brimmed fedora at Goodwill.  Shocking.


so I had no choice but to hook him up with an awesome tarantuala headband from the Halloween Store–which was just as cool.


When we got to the amazingly decorated ballroom, everyone was huddled around a huge ice sculpture.  And by everyone, I mean 5  Dr. Henry Jones, Seniors, a few Marion Ravenwoods–one complete with monkey shoulder-friend and the Samarai Guy that Indy shoots in the first movie.

What had everyone’s rapt attention was the Crystal Skull…a massive ice sculpture glowing purple from underneath with a giant luge on top.  There was a bit of debate about the appropriateness of the function of this centerpiece for our crowd.  But it sure looked way cool!

Earlier at lunch we were instructed to note the color of ribbon tying our utensils together.  These colors stood for 3 teams “Raiders of the Lost Ark”  “Last Crusade” and “Crystal Skull.”  Each team was given a bag of mini flashlights, some pens, a video camera and a clue written in hieroglyphic symbols.  We were to figure out the message and then bolt to 6 stations throughout the hotel in search of our treasure.

At one we had to put together four mini puzzles as a team.  The next was a mission of getting our whole team wrapped with 5 rolls of toilet paper.  Then each team had to take a series of ‘cold ones’ from aforementioned luge–not necessarily alcohol.   We raced outside to the pool’s waterfall to retrieve a wet clue which instructed us to race to the beach where we dug in a designated area for the buried treasure.  Our team found the prize…a “good job” topiary plant which serves as an inside joke to those around the office.

Still, the evening was quite creative and we all ended up in a khaki-tastic Electric Slide.   Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

The adventure continues…