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Ok, alright I’ll admit it.  I have lost my mind.

I signed up to do this in April.  In St. Louis.

I do not live there and I do not DO what THEY do.  But I’m about to try.

In the meantime, I also signed up to do this with my Youngest here in Virginia Beach in March.

So for January and February, I’m doing a lot of this and not so much of this.

Quiche Lorraine


Our sweet French “son” JB was kind enough to procure his Grandmere Maud’s delectable recette for Quiche Lorraine (in exchange for a 4 pack of Monsters on Christmas Eve).

As his lovely parents waited across to sea to hear about the results, I documented the experience.

1 puff pastry   (really there are 2 in the package, so plan on making two quiches)
1 pint of milk (conversion assistant was unreliable so it was more like 3 cups)
7 oz  cubes of bacon  (2 – 4 oz. pkgs of tiny cubed Canadian Bacon at Trader Joe’s)
3 slices of ham  (lunch meat cut into strips)
3 big spoons of flour (serving spoons, not tablespoons)
3 eggs
7 oz of shredded Gueyere cheese (swiss/gueyere also found at Trader Joe’s)
salt & pepper
What we didn’t know we needed:
2 pie plates
3 tbs. butter
1 c. heavy whipping cream
Step 1: Rummage around for 10-15 minutes looking for a pie plate.  Send husband to Walmart to buy.  (You need 2)
Step 2:  Grease pie plates with substance of choice  (We will definitely do this next time)
Step 3:  (French directions begin here)  “Put the puff pastry in oven during 10 min. at 400”  
(then later:  “Ah!  I forgot we were supposed to put something heavy on top of it.”)  Good luck with that one…
Step 4: “Put the cubes of bacon during 2 minutes in the microwave.”
Step 5: “Put in a bowl the flour and stir with the milk, salt, pepper & butter
(“Wait!  There’s no butter listed in the ingredients!  You need about this much –3 tablespoons”)
 …put in a pot on the stove and stir.”
Step 6: “Out of the stove, add the cream
“What?  Why is she talking about cream?”
 “I’ll call Chris at Walmart & tell him to get cream too.”  
“I’m already in line paying…but okay”)
…and the eggs and the cheese.”
Step 7: “Put the cubes of bacon and the ham on the puff pastry and put all the pot on it.”  🙂

Step 8:   “Put [it] all [in the oven] 25 min at 400.”
Step 9: Bon Appetit!

oh la la!

I will make it regularly and offer up thanksgiving for our wonderful extended family across the sea.

Great With Child


I always wanted more kids.   Back in the 90s when we were popping out a kid approximately every 18 months people would ask delightful questions such as “Are they all yours?” and “Don’t you know what causes this?” and “Were they all planned?”  I never was able to access the timely desirable comebacks I wished for in those moments, but I always thought I would have 8 kids or more if I could only stay in my 20s.  I even remember  telling God how much I didn’t want my 4th to be my “last” even though I didn’t really want to go through the whole physically strenuous delivery/recovery-while-chasing-toddlers part ever again.  And you know that thing about God  listening to prayers?   And you know that thing about the  Bible saying that He will gives you the desires of your heart?

Well it’s true.

Christmas 1999.  Ypsilanti, MI.  Picture it.  Youngest was 6 months, Little Sis was 2, Big Sis was 3 and Oldest was 5.

We were living in a tiny apartment after a rough financial year.  At the neighborhood Santa Claus breakfast we met a great-with-child neighbor who mentioned her family in TX a pending due date all while wrangling a squiggly toddler.  We exchanged numbers and lo on Christmas Eve found ourselves with a “5th child” DeWalt, while his daddy & mommy went to the hospital.  We found a stocking (not that he cared) and a few toys & books to share  (not that he cared) and a spot for him on the trundle.

And I felt God With Us (Me) as I had my “more children” prayer answered for the first time.

And I felt God With Us (Me) this year as I got to welcome my sweet new nephew Aidan Charles into the St. Louis area of the world on 12/14.

And I felt God With Us (Me) again this year when our French student Jean-Baptiste decided to spend Christmas with us in Virginia Beach, arriving on 12/19 and staying to welcome the new year 2011.

It is a happy new year indeed to be “Great With Child!”