Great With Child


I always wanted more kids.   Back in the 90s when we were popping out a kid approximately every 18 months people would ask delightful questions such as “Are they all yours?” and “Don’t you know what causes this?” and “Were they all planned?”  I never was able to access the timely desirable comebacks I wished for in those moments, but I always thought I would have 8 kids or more if I could only stay in my 20s.  I even remember  telling God how much I didn’t want my 4th to be my “last” even though I didn’t really want to go through the whole physically strenuous delivery/recovery-while-chasing-toddlers part ever again.  And you know that thing about God  listening to prayers?   And you know that thing about the  Bible saying that He will gives you the desires of your heart?

Well it’s true.

Christmas 1999.  Ypsilanti, MI.  Picture it.  Youngest was 6 months, Little Sis was 2, Big Sis was 3 and Oldest was 5.

We were living in a tiny apartment after a rough financial year.  At the neighborhood Santa Claus breakfast we met a great-with-child neighbor who mentioned her family in TX a pending due date all while wrangling a squiggly toddler.  We exchanged numbers and lo on Christmas Eve found ourselves with a “5th child” DeWalt, while his daddy & mommy went to the hospital.  We found a stocking (not that he cared) and a few toys & books to share  (not that he cared) and a spot for him on the trundle.

And I felt God With Us (Me) as I had my “more children” prayer answered for the first time.

And I felt God With Us (Me) this year as I got to welcome my sweet new nephew Aidan Charles into the St. Louis area of the world on 12/14.

And I felt God With Us (Me) again this year when our French student Jean-Baptiste decided to spend Christmas with us in Virginia Beach, arriving on 12/19 and staying to welcome the new year 2011.

It is a happy new year indeed to be “Great With Child!”


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  1. Hi Shannon!
    Like you, your writing is so fun~I always look forward to hearing what you have to say and feel lucky that we actually shared so many of these years together.

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