Quiche Lorraine


Our sweet French “son” JB was kind enough to procure his Grandmere Maud’s delectable recette for Quiche Lorraine (in exchange for a 4 pack of Monsters on Christmas Eve).

As his lovely parents waited across to sea to hear about the results, I documented the experience.

1 puff pastry   (really there are 2 in the package, so plan on making two quiches)
1 pint of milk (conversion assistant was unreliable so it was more like 3 cups)
7 oz  cubes of bacon  (2 – 4 oz. pkgs of tiny cubed Canadian Bacon at Trader Joe’s)
3 slices of ham  (lunch meat cut into strips)
3 big spoons of flour (serving spoons, not tablespoons)
3 eggs
7 oz of shredded Gueyere cheese (swiss/gueyere also found at Trader Joe’s)
salt & pepper
What we didn’t know we needed:
2 pie plates
3 tbs. butter
1 c. heavy whipping cream
Step 1: Rummage around for 10-15 minutes looking for a pie plate.  Send husband to Walmart to buy.  (You need 2)
Step 2:  Grease pie plates with substance of choice  (We will definitely do this next time)
Step 3:  (French directions begin here)  “Put the puff pastry in oven during 10 min. at 400”  
(then later:  “Ah!  I forgot we were supposed to put something heavy on top of it.”)  Good luck with that one…
Step 4: “Put the cubes of bacon during 2 minutes in the microwave.”
Step 5: “Put in a bowl the flour and stir with the milk, salt, pepper & butter
(“Wait!  There’s no butter listed in the ingredients!  You need about this much –3 tablespoons”)
 …put in a pot on the stove and stir.”
Step 6: “Out of the stove, add the cream
“What?  Why is she talking about cream?”
 “I’ll call Chris at Walmart & tell him to get cream too.”  
“I’m already in line paying…but okay”)
…and the eggs and the cheese.”
Step 7: “Put the cubes of bacon and the ham on the puff pastry and put all the pot on it.”  🙂

Step 8:   “Put [it] all [in the oven] 25 min at 400.”
Step 9: Bon Appetit!

oh la la!

I will make it regularly and offer up thanksgiving for our wonderful extended family across the sea.

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