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Silly Love Songs


The problem with being a people person is that it is practically impossible to get good, quality alone time with your  iPod.  However, I have taken the time recently to comb through my personal stash of MP3s (aka: The Music-Formerly-Owned-As-Cassette-8-tracks-Or-Vinyl) to share my all-time heart-beat-iest favorites from Back in the Day.

1.  I Won’t Hold You Back – Toto

All it takes to make my heart flip-flop like it’s 1984 all over again are the first notes of this song.  It makes me think of the hang-out-in-a-downtown-warehouse-and-call-it-a-disco events that floated around east Tennessee during my formative teenage years.  I used to calculate how long it would take until “he” called by the version the radio played–long musical interlude meant he’d probably call this week & short musical interlude meant he’d hopefully call TODAY.   And you know what?  The radio is a lying lier that lies.  Ironic twist:  Isn’t it funny that this is a song about letting go, but all I was focused on was how long I would be waiting for the non-existent phone call?

2.  I Love You – Climax Blues Band

I had a boyfriend who used to screw up the lyrics to this song and every song he sang.   He was a real charmer, that one.

3.  You Mean More to Me – Lionel Richie

My BFF Rhonda was the one who had the self-titled LR album and was just as fickle with her men as I was with mine.  We had a smooth make-out arrangement for a while where our boyfriends were good friends.  This was the song for that 48 hours.

4.  Old Flame – Alabama

One sweet fella I took a shinin’ to was the big brother of a different gal pal.  Looking back, though I wonder if it got on her nerves when she’d invite me over and I always wanted to be in the same room with him.   He was a big fan of Alabama and ever’ dang one of their songs reminds me of him.

5.  Hold On Loosely – .38 Special

My younger sister had an arms-length boyfriend who was OVER the MOON for her.  He was actually the first of a couple such suitors  if memory serves.  He was a baseball teammate of  my Sr. year boyfriend and wisely sought out my counsel.  In complete seriousness and perceived wisdom beyond my years, I pointed the lad toward the thought-provoking lyrics of this song with a roll of my eyes and the secret knowledge that he was too far gone.

6.  Another Auld Lang Syne – Dan Fogelberg

It’s a little Inception-ish that this was a “new” song when we were the age that the couple in the song were looking back on…and now we are the age that they are.

7.  Suddenly – Olivia Newton John

I think this might’ve been a duet?  The guy is not listed with ONJ on iTunes, but is it one of the Gibbs boys?  Or Air Supply?  Because if so = AWESOME!

8.   It Turns Me Inside Out -Lee Greenwood

Oh.  My.  Heart.  My crazy, jovial high school boyfriend sophomore year lost his life a few months before our 1986 graduation.  We fell hard for each other in 1983 and it was a nasty break-up a year later, but in the meantime he discovered a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This song has an extra-meaningful layer now.  In a way I guess it’s better, even though there’s nothing good about good-bye…

9.  Two Less Lonely People -Air Supply

Way before Justin Bieber began wooing One Less Lonely Girl, Air Supply rocked our world with this uber-sweet harmony.  Baby, baby baby, love is here & now…I SMELL A MASH-UP!

10. Still Loving You – Scorpions

My list wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to my current and only Ever-Valentine.  He was too shy to admit he liked me in the spring of 1988 so he would say things like, “What do you think about this song?”  and pop a Cinderella or Scorpions or Whitesnake cassette into his sweet Mazda RX7 stereo.  He was a hard-core hairband fan so I was 100% always unfamiliarly distracted by the style and didn’t always catch the lyrics right away.  Finally I figured out the abstract clues (example:  Is this love?  That I’m feeling?  Is this the love that I’ve been searching for?) and was so blown away by his subtle romance we’ve been together ever since.   Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie.  There’s No One Like You.


Thank you Big Mama for the Valentine’s Day blog inspiration.  No one needs you more than I.  Need.  You.

Now I’m a Belieber


He had me at “I’ll show you what you’re worth.”

As the mom of 2 teenage girls 13 and 15, this is getting harder and harder to do…show them what they’re worth.  I’m working overtime just to show them that they are accepted “as is” (while clothing combinations, hair color, and relationship status is constantly in a state of flux).  I am forgetting that what they crave is not just acceptance but VALUE.  So I am forever grateful to the Beeb for his example as he spends every waking moment singing his heart out to countless millions (including one of mine…not so much the other one) and showing those “one less lonely girls” in front of God & erbody that they deserved to be looked at in the face, given roses, sang to, touched on the shoulder and cheek & cherished.

Thanks JB for being such a gentleman.  As an icon from my teen years sang,

Hold on to 16 as long as you can/changes come around real soon make us women and men.