Now I’m a Belieber


He had me at “I’ll show you what you’re worth.”

As the mom of 2 teenage girls 13 and 15, this is getting harder and harder to do…show them what they’re worth.  I’m working overtime just to show them that they are accepted “as is” (while clothing combinations, hair color, and relationship status is constantly in a state of flux).  I am forgetting that what they crave is not just acceptance but VALUE.  So I am forever grateful to the Beeb for his example as he spends every waking moment singing his heart out to countless millions (including one of mine…not so much the other one) and showing those “one less lonely girls” in front of God & erbody that they deserved to be looked at in the face, given roses, sang to, touched on the shoulder and cheek & cherished.

Thanks JB for being such a gentleman.  As an icon from my teen years sang,

Hold on to 16 as long as you can/changes come around real soon make us women and men.


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