More “New Pool” memories (subtitle: WINNING!)


Is this not a swimming pool?


Is this not a starting block?


Are we not the winning team?


Are you not the looooooooOOOOOooooosing team!


As I recall, Mom didn’t like that cheer.  “It doesn’t show good sportsmanship.”

After morning swim practice, we would have to leave out the side gate, run the perimeter of the fence into the “sign in” gate.  The priviledged few wouldn’t even have to scrawl their name with drippy hands but could just say “Season Ticket” to gain entry. 

You do NOT want to visit the restroom.  Under any circumstances.  Even to change.  Just go home wet.

Around 11:00 in the summer of 1981 there would be a daily game of Poolie and/or Pom Pom Poolie. 

POOLIE = a boys v girls game where only the girls who shaved their legs THAT DAY would be brave enough to play.  Boys stood on the side, girls were in the water, the goal was to swim underwater the width of the New Pool–between the ropes–and hop out before getting tagged on the top of the head once your head broke the surface of the water.  Once tagged on the head, you could then be manhandled and dragged to the wall you dove from, and a foot would be wrangled to touch the tile.  Once three folks were captured in this way, the teams would switch.  When preparing for the game of Poolie, baby oil is your friend.   So is significant speed and a large lung capacity.  Unless you are the type that doesn’t mind being hauled through the water by the opposite sex.  I’ve heard that type of player exists.

POM POM POOLIE = “It” goes off the high dive and everyone else scatters & hides.  Wait…I think I’m remembering Around The Pool Tag.  Are they the same thing?

SPLASH YOUR FAVORITE LIFEGUARD = Walter Gibson was fond of playing this when there were <10 total patrons because it was 52 degrees that day and the lifeguards were huddled on the chairs in sweatshirts, socks and multiple towels.

PIGEON = This was a swim team game from Coach Kendall.  The entire team of 100+ swimmers of all ages lined up across the width of the pool.  CK would say a sentence like, “It’s amazing how fast he’s PITCHING!” or “Hand me that PITCHER!” or “Is that a PIGEON?”  Only when he said PIGEON could we dive in simultaneously, furiously fly across the water and hop all the way out.  Last one completely out of the water was out of the game.  Randy Thacker won every time but I do remember Debbie Quarles slinging her foot out at the last second and narrowly staying in the game during one intense practice. 

Do you remember any water games that I’ve forgotten?


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