Time to Frolic


I am not a fan of cats in general.  I like people who like cats, I just am not one of them.

I am a dog person.

But these little guys remind me that I desire more fun in my life.

When I look at this picture, at first I am mildly amused.

Quickly I restrain myself, remembering that if I join in the fun I will soon be itchy and sneezing.

I have a child who is a sweet fuzzy kitten on the brink of outgrowing her cuteness.

She used to cuddle up to me, thumb in mouth hand tucked around my upper arm, head on my shoulder.

She used to give me 5 minute hugs until I rolled my eyes.

Now she is the one rolling her eyes at me.

When I give her a pep-talk, she makes a face and says, “I just wish you’d stop talking.”

In the photo above, she is the white cat with the beautiful eyes and the face trying to decide which way to go.

She’s not forging ahead with fearless abandon.

She’s not looking back either.

She’s not really close to any of her peers.

She’s not following the leader.

She’s not sure which way to go.

Maybe she doesn’t have to know yet.

Maybe it’s just time to frolic and play, enjoying the grass and the garden.

Puurrrrr  (atchoo!)


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