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EasterLIVE 2011


This Easter I became Mary Magdalene.

I signed up to participate in a creative tweeting assignment…tellling the Easter story in 140 characters at a time.

For my non-twitter-inclined friends (and confused facebookers) here’s how it went down:

@MMag:  funny thing happened @ Bethany baptism today…a dove landed on that 1 guy and then…did any1 else hear that??  #weird

@MMag: SisMarth & I asked, “Teacher!  Where u staying?”  He goes, “Come & you will see.”  #sowedid  #becameBFFs

@MMag: SisMarth #memberthattime u were all “Make her help me!” & @Rabboni was all “Mary has chosen better?”  #thatwasawesome

@MMag:  Overheard Rabboni explain the widow’s 2 small coins > wealthy “make it rain” offering.   #whatcanIgive?

@MMag: Seriously!  I don’t have 2 coins to rub together.

@MMag:  Looking…looking.  All I really have of worth is this perfume…

@MMag:   It was given to me when I was young & alive & pure.  #re-gifter


@MMag:  Everyone should get 2 hear Rabboni #onTour but my brother/ his pal @Lazarus is jacked up sick!  #needhelpSTAT

@MMag:  Two days=#nothing  Four days= #toolate

@MMag:  #angry  #mourning #cantstopcrying

@MMag:  SisMarth goes to meet him…I’m staying here.

@MMag:  SisMarth says “He asks for you Sis”  ITS.ABOUT.TIME

@MMag:  He asks, “Where have you laid him?”  We say, “Come and you will see.” #dejavu

@MMag:  I can NOT believe my tear-streaked eyes… He lives!  He lives!  He commands us 2 take off the grave clothes and LET HIM GO

@MMag:  FROM #overwhelminggrief TO #unbridledjoy


@MMag:  I know  just what to do with this perfume.    #extremegratitude

@MMag:  Maybe I should wait until Passover/Feast-o-flatbread #timingiseverything

@MMag:  SisMarth says that the gang is eating tonight @LeperSimon’s #shouldIstayorshouldIgo

@MMag:  What in the world would Jesus want with perfume? #secondthoughts

@MMag:  They’ll think I’m crazy.  #partycrasher #notaREALdisciple

@MMag:  I’m going now.   It’s the right thing.  He deserves it.   All of it.

@MMag:  #notaword #onlyfragrance&tears #ignoringthehaters

@MMag:  Heard what happened when Peter got HIS feet washed & by whom.  #WOW #lastshallbefirst


@MMag:  I don’t get it…in a little while we will see him no more? #confusing

@MMag:  …and then after a little while we WILL see him? #huh?

@MMag:  He says we will weep & mourn while world rejoices…then grief will turn to joy.   #beenthere/donethat

@MMag:  He prays out loud for those who will believe in him through our message  #whodoesthat?


@MMag:  Arrested?  My Rabboni??  In the olive grove?  Whatever for?  #absurd  #longnight

@MMag:  CRUCIFIED?  You have GOT to be kidding!  #thiscantbehappening

@MMag:  Oh, God.  There he is.  Right.  In.  The.  Middle.  #dontlook  #cantlookaway

@MMag:  I am with his mother.  She’s not leaving.   I’m not leaving either.  #wearefamilynow


@MMag:  MaryMom remembers his swaddling clothes as we watch @Arimathea_Joe wrap his body in strips of linen.

@MMag:  We can smell Nicodemus’ spices from here.  He spoke of his burial when I washed his feet just the other night.

@MMag: We watch @Arimathea_Joe put him in his own new tomb.  Nicodemus helps roll the heavy  stone.


@MMag:  Sabbath day of rest.  We can do nothing until after sundown

@MMag: #angry #mourning #cant.stop.crying #AGAIN


6am  @MMag:  Didn’t sleep a wink. Guess I’ll just take spices to the tomb since my perfume’s all gone.

630am  @MMag:  How are we supposed to get in there?  We’ll figure something out.

7am  @MMag:  Good grief! Someone has moved the stone?  But WHY??

730am  @MMag:  From bad to WORSE.  THE BODY IS GONE!

8am  @MMag:  I dropped the spices & ran as fast as I could.  @Peter will not believe this  #overwhelminggrief

830am  @MMag:  I was outside the tomb crying.  Someone asked me why.  #whydoyouthink

9am  @MMag:   “They have taken my Lord away.  TELL ME WHERE HE IS.” the.gardener  #hysterical

930am  DM @MMag:  “Mary.”

10am  @MMag:  I looked up… “Rabboni?  TEACHER!?!”

1030am  @MMag:   FROM #overwhelminggrief TO  #unbridledjoy AGAIN

11am  @MMag:   I can NOT believe my tear-streaked eyes… He lives!  He lives!

1130am  @MMag:  He commands me to LET HIM GO  #gotellthebrothers

12pm  @MMag:  As I run, I realize I am the disciple that Jesus loves!  #trembling/filledwithjoy

1pm  @MMag:  My thoughts as I run=I am the apostle to the apostles!  Sent by the master with a special message!

130pm  @MMag: RunningThoughts= I am the first of many to spread the good news!

2pm  @MMag: RunningThoughts  HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

230pm  @MMag:  All out of breath, all I could say is “I…have seen…the LORD”   They didn’t even look up.

3pm  @MMag:  They, like me, each had to see for themselves, individually.

330pm  @MMag:  He led us back towards home, blessed us, & gave us work to do

4pm  @MMag:  Oh, and one more thing…a promise…

430pm  Rabboni:  “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

April Fool’s Awesomesauce


Yesterday our New Driver got the car for a few hours while I was at work.

I told him to either pick me back up at 9:00 after the game or text me an updated plan once he spoke to his dad after guitar.

I watched him drive away.  In the only car we have that can hold the entire family.

We worked a plan for me to get picked up by Hubby after work.  New Driver promised he’d be home by 9:30.   We were willing to negotiate, but that was his call.  What a noob.

We thought our New Driver would be home by the time we got home, car safely parked in the driveway at 10:15.

He wasn’t.

We called.

He didn’t answer.  The plot thickens.

We knew where he was so Hubby came up with a brilliant idea.

An awful idea.

The Grinch got a terrible awful idea…

Can’t you just see his smile?

You’re a mean one, Curfew Grinch!

“Let’s just drive over to That Chick’s house and pick up the car.  I bet we’ll hear from him then.”

Thank God New Driver was where he said he would be.  Had he not been, I would have been getting terrible/awful ideas of my own.

So we pulled up, I got in (it was locked) and drove away.

We placed bets on how we thought he’d come home.  Will he get a ride?  Run?  Call?  And which one of us will he call?  And when??

I then proceeded to mentally pace around the interior of my brain until the phone call o-shame finally  came about 11:00.

He called my number.  I knew it.

So I made his Dad answer my phone.

It was awesome.

“Uh…dad…(voice shaking) can I talk to Mom?”

“What time did you say you were going to be home?”


“Oh.  It’s 9:30 already?”

“Uh.  Sorry I’m late.  Can I please talk to Mom?”

“O.K.  Here she is.”  (stifling laughter)


“I’m at G’s house.  I’m trying to come home right now.”

“What do you mean you’re trying…”  (so.  hard.  not.  to.  laugh.)

“Well…(long pause)…I locked the car and went in.  (Heavy sigh)  ((long pause))  (((dread)))  Gone.”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘GONE??!!'”  I ask him what he means A LOT.

“I mean it’s not here.”  (both of us stifling laughter/he’s trying not to cry in front of a girl)

“Here.  Tell your dad what you just told me.”

He thinks we’re crying.

We KNOW he is.

“So how are you getting home.”

“Can you come pick me up?”

(pause)  “I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”  hangs up

“Are you taking the allegedly-stolen-mobile?”

(Grin.  Nod.)

I have to imagine the look on New Driver’s face when his dad pulled up in the “stolen” vehicle.

Then later:  “That was the BEST lesson you ever taught me.”

That it was April 1 was just an extra added bonus.