EasterLIVE 2011


This Easter I became Mary Magdalene.

I signed up to participate in a creative tweeting assignment…tellling the Easter story in 140 characters at a time.

For my non-twitter-inclined friends (and confused facebookers) here’s how it went down:

@MMag:  funny thing happened @ Bethany baptism today…a dove landed on that 1 guy and then…did any1 else hear that??  #weird

@MMag: SisMarth & I asked, “Teacher!  Where u staying?”  He goes, “Come & you will see.”  #sowedid  #becameBFFs

@MMag: SisMarth #memberthattime u were all “Make her help me!” & @Rabboni was all “Mary has chosen better?”  #thatwasawesome

@MMag:  Overheard Rabboni explain the widow’s 2 small coins > wealthy “make it rain” offering.   #whatcanIgive?

@MMag: Seriously!  I don’t have 2 coins to rub together.

@MMag:  Looking…looking.  All I really have of worth is this perfume…

@MMag:   It was given to me when I was young & alive & pure.  #re-gifter


@MMag:  Everyone should get 2 hear Rabboni #onTour but my brother/ his pal @Lazarus is jacked up sick!  #needhelpSTAT

@MMag:  Two days=#nothing  Four days= #toolate

@MMag:  #angry  #mourning #cantstopcrying

@MMag:  SisMarth goes to meet him…I’m staying here.

@MMag:  SisMarth says “He asks for you Sis”  ITS.ABOUT.TIME

@MMag:  He asks, “Where have you laid him?”  We say, “Come and you will see.” #dejavu

@MMag:  I can NOT believe my tear-streaked eyes… He lives!  He lives!  He commands us 2 take off the grave clothes and LET HIM GO

@MMag:  FROM #overwhelminggrief TO #unbridledjoy


@MMag:  I know  just what to do with this perfume.    #extremegratitude

@MMag:  Maybe I should wait until Passover/Feast-o-flatbread #timingiseverything

@MMag:  SisMarth says that the gang is eating tonight @LeperSimon’s #shouldIstayorshouldIgo

@MMag:  What in the world would Jesus want with perfume? #secondthoughts

@MMag:  They’ll think I’m crazy.  #partycrasher #notaREALdisciple

@MMag:  I’m going now.   It’s the right thing.  He deserves it.   All of it.

@MMag:  #notaword #onlyfragrance&tears #ignoringthehaters

@MMag:  Heard what happened when Peter got HIS feet washed & by whom.  #WOW #lastshallbefirst


@MMag:  I don’t get it…in a little while we will see him no more? #confusing

@MMag:  …and then after a little while we WILL see him? #huh?

@MMag:  He says we will weep & mourn while world rejoices…then grief will turn to joy.   #beenthere/donethat

@MMag:  He prays out loud for those who will believe in him through our message  #whodoesthat?


@MMag:  Arrested?  My Rabboni??  In the olive grove?  Whatever for?  #absurd  #longnight

@MMag:  CRUCIFIED?  You have GOT to be kidding!  #thiscantbehappening

@MMag:  Oh, God.  There he is.  Right.  In.  The.  Middle.  #dontlook  #cantlookaway

@MMag:  I am with his mother.  She’s not leaving.   I’m not leaving either.  #wearefamilynow


@MMag:  MaryMom remembers his swaddling clothes as we watch @Arimathea_Joe wrap his body in strips of linen.

@MMag:  We can smell Nicodemus’ spices from here.  He spoke of his burial when I washed his feet just the other night.

@MMag: We watch @Arimathea_Joe put him in his own new tomb.  Nicodemus helps roll the heavy  stone.


@MMag:  Sabbath day of rest.  We can do nothing until after sundown

@MMag: #angry #mourning #cant.stop.crying #AGAIN


6am  @MMag:  Didn’t sleep a wink. Guess I’ll just take spices to the tomb since my perfume’s all gone.

630am  @MMag:  How are we supposed to get in there?  We’ll figure something out.

7am  @MMag:  Good grief! Someone has moved the stone?  But WHY??  #what.in.the.world.is.going.on

730am  @MMag:  From bad to WORSE.  THE BODY IS GONE!

8am  @MMag:  I dropped the spices & ran as fast as I could.  @Peter will not believe this  #overwhelminggrief

830am  @MMag:  I was outside the tomb crying.  Someone asked me why.  #whydoyouthink

9am  @MMag:   “They have taken my Lord away.  TELL ME WHERE HE IS.” #thought.it.was. the.gardener  #hysterical

930am  DM @MMag:  “Mary.”

10am  @MMag:  I looked up… “Rabboni?  TEACHER!?!”

1030am  @MMag:   FROM #overwhelminggrief TO  #unbridledjoy AGAIN

11am  @MMag:   I can NOT believe my tear-streaked eyes… He lives!  He lives!

1130am  @MMag:  He commands me to LET HIM GO  #gotellthebrothers

12pm  @MMag:  As I run, I realize I am the disciple that Jesus loves!  #trembling/filledwithjoy

1pm  @MMag:  My thoughts as I run=I am the apostle to the apostles!  Sent by the master with a special message!

130pm  @MMag: RunningThoughts= I am the first of many to spread the good news!

2pm  @MMag: RunningThoughts  HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

230pm  @MMag:  All out of breath, all I could say is “I…have seen…the LORD”   They didn’t even look up.

3pm  @MMag:  They, like me, each had to see for themselves, individually.

330pm  @MMag:  He led us back towards home, blessed us, & gave us work to do

4pm  @MMag:  Oh, and one more thing…a promise…

430pm  Rabboni:  “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

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