5th Grade Grajeeashun


My 11 year old just came in here to show me his get-up for the 5th grade ceremony today.

Black button down shirt.

Khaki pants.

White tie.

We had to try on the khaki’s last night because he had two pair to choose from.  However, one was now two inches too tight in the waist & too short at the ankles.  They are from last Easter.

I made him tuck in his shirt and raise his arms up over his head to “untuck” it just a smidge.

Then as I adjusted his tie I had a thought which I did not say outloud:

It will not be that long from now when I will possibly adjust his prom tie.  Then his wedding tie–for one of his siblings’ weddings & then eventually for his own.

And it feels like 2, 3 days ago that I was taking his 1st-day-of-Kindergarten picture.

And maybe a week ago that I was delivering him out of my body.

*heavy sigh*

For the past few weeks I have been watching him “turn into a teenager” and pounding furiously on the brakes of time which refuse to catch.

So I take a deep breath, try not to stare and pray him through.

We’re proud of you, Bo!


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