Monthly Archives: August 2011

Guess who got the spanking?


I returned to the lake this weekend.

My own personal cheerleader, Ian, completed his focused mission of getting Every.  Single.  Person.  to get their saggy buttocks behind the boat & into the tube.  His effort earned him 6 extra rides more than his brother, FTW  (for the win).  I told him while we bounced along that tubing felt like a constant spanking.  But I could NOT stop laughing.

When my next bounce partner requested me, how could I say no to this face?

Or this one?

As Hostess S pointed out, when you’re in The Tube with your bounce partner, you’re in your own little world.  There’s a special bond forged.  Sort of like a super short-term room-mate.

Over the last 3 years I have done my fair share of venting/complaining/worrying-out-loud to these mamas regarding my teens & tweens.  And do you know what my crazy kids did?

Wrestled.  Offered laps.  Shared Skittles.  Woke up early.  Told stories.  Made me SO proud.  Reminded me how great they are.

Thank God for friends who bring out your best.