5 Orange Strategies — Reggie Joiner Breakout


Have you ever seen someone put a thought into a visual so exciting and alarming that you couldn’t wrap your head around the implications for, let’s say, 3 years?  I first saw Reggie Joiner and his Orange idea at the Promiseland Conference at Willow Creek several years ago.  Red=Heart of the family, Yellow=Light of Christ.  Put them together and get ORANGE.  What in the world does THAT look like in real life?  Kids in main service?  Parents on the floor at VBS? 


I got to hear from Reggie himself at my first breakout of the 2013 Orange Conference & here’s what he said:

Two combined influences accomplish more than two influences.

An orange leader definition:

ORANGE is a design strategy that combines family with faith community to demonstrate the message of God’s story in order to influence the next generation.

1)  THINK TRIBES–Be  INTENTIONAL about partnering and remaining simple and aligned.  Keep the end in mind and ask: “What do we want our children to become?” 

2)  THINK MESSAGE–amplify truth

Will 25 year old Luke fully appreciate 50 year old Reggie’s Barry Manilow collection?  Maybe he just needs to hear the WHOLE THING to appreciate it.  We need to look at how we are communicating the truth.  As leaders, what do we want our “one thing” we are remembered for teaching to be?

3)  THINK COMMUNITY  How are we connecting relationships?  Can we be more effective in discipling?  Can our mission be to recruit adults to be consistent in a child/teen’s life throughout?Measure:  What % of our people are connected in groups?  How much time spent in groups?

4)  THINK FAMILY  No one has more potential to influence than the family.  Church gets 40 hours a year–for regular attenders vs 3000 hours a year for family.  The average parent wants to do a better job as a parent!  Connect SG leaders to parents.

5)  THINK INFLUENCE  We must hand off the keys to mobilize next generation to ministry.


“Discipleship” to a teen is more effectively caught/taught when they provide service than through the disciplines of prayer, Bible study, teaching, small groups, etc.




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