Orange Breakout #2 Craig Jutila “Viruses, Riots & Velcro”


This whole breakout topic and analogy was ironic and hilarious as Craig described himself as a germophobe who wipes down his hotel rooms.  He said he was like the TV character “Monk” but not QUITE as bad.  He spoke of quarantining twins when one got sick–realizing that if they caught the other’s virus quickly, it would be 3 days of sickness, instead of 7 days where one gets well THEN the other gets sick.

VIRUS = the VISION we want to spread.  Needs a host with excitement, energy and passion for the clear unanimous vision.  A host that is contagious!

Once a virus finds a host cell it has to reproduce itself.  In leaders, we have to replicate vision, mission, values, goals and approach.  We do this by getting close enough to infect others with the vision. The R “nought” refers to the equation for each person that is infected, how many other people they are likely to infect.  The larger the “r nought” factor,  the more powerful the spread of the virus.  We want to develop volunteers that infect the most amount of people.  To produce viral volunteers you want an epidemic of energy, excitement and passion for the area in which you want others to serve.

RIOTS:  The most important person in a “riot” is the 3rd person.  The first person is the pioneer.  The 2nd person is irrelevant (humor)–just a follower.  The 3rd person ushers everyone else and the 4th-8 millionth = masses.  So in leadership, we need that first person with the vision, they need a follower, and the 3rd one is the tipping point.

The First Person: Visionary

The Second Person: Verifies

The Third Person: Validates

The Fourth – Five Hundredth Person: Viral

Other Examples of The 3rd Person: Crossing The Street

A bunch of people at a crosswalk with a ‘don’t walk’ signal. If one or two people go, it does not mean everybody else will go. But once the third person goes, the masses will follow and jaywalk together.

Foreigner Standing Ovation

When the first person starts clapping, it might be a little awkward. But once a third party stands and joins the mini-movement, it proves that applause is indeed acceptable and the rest of the audience will follow.


Discovered by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1948 from burrs in his sock.  He was irritated by the burrs and it rubbed him the wrong way.  Instead of staying irritated, he studied it and asked, “How could this be useful?”

Through great discouragement can come great discovery.

In 1990 the White House staff coined the word “velcrosis” because people swarmed

around the President or “stuck” to him whenever he made public appearances.

Astronauts have a patch of VELCRO inside their helmet so they can scratch their nose.

Ask yourself:

Am I contagious with our vision?

Who is the 3rd person who will be the tipping point in our ministry?

Who can I thank for sticking with me?

The enemy is behind our work attempting to wipe it down with Clorox, remove every trace and shut down our contagious work for the Kingdom.  Be strategically contagious!


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