Blessing my Daughters on Mother’s Day



My oldest daughter, your name comes from the powerful family name of my father, his 3 brothers and his musical marine dad “Pops” who made music wherever he went.  Your middle name is a version of the names of both your grandmothers who are both dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  From this legacy, it is my honor and priviledge to be a witness of the person you have become. You are a powerful artist, who is so very dedicated, motivated and bravely willing to express your gifts and talents.

You remind me of Orianthi Panagaris as you fill up the sky with music and also the artist Georgia O’Keefe as beauty flies from everything you touch to decorate the world around you.  I am impressed as I watch you improve lives with your unique creations.

The verse that I want to read to you that reminds me of who God made you to be is

Ephesians 2:10

For you are God’s handiwork,

created in Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for you to do.

My dream for you in the next year of your life is to soak up wisdom and appreciation for and from the world around you, and to enter adulthood with confidence.

I want to give you this necklace that represents your hard work, dedication and also the fun and pain that is necessary to honor your creative process.

When you look at it I want you to always remember what I believe to be true about who you are.

You are God’s masterpiece.  You are created to create.

I love you & I am proud of you.

Mom  5/12/13

Whitney profile May 2013


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