My One Word


My girlfriends and I choose a word to carry with us through a calendar year.  2012 was very turbulent for me so I chose the word “PEACE” and clung to it tightly.  It served me well.

Prince of Peace

reign in me

all I need

Prince of Peace

This year I chose the word “FOCUS.”


As a creative, spontaneous, impulsive, sanguine personality, I am often confronted with my tendency to lose things, forget important details, and behave in an unintentional way in my desire to connect with others.  I knew I could benefit from some focus.

At first glance, I thought this word would inspire me to become more organized—in thoughts, in my surroundings, in decision-making.  Focusing has immediately helped me to prioritize (vaguely) slow down (somewhat) and be on time (occasionally) but I have had some surprising elements of this word unfold as well.

A few months into 2013, I had a GREAT IDEA!  I had the strong impulse to CALL THE PERSON RIGHT NOW and offload the idea onto his brain and connect the dots, thereby allowing myself to move on.  I realized that this person was unavailable which put me in a quandary.  “What if I forget between now (when I want to share the idea) and when he becomes available to chat (when he can hear the idea)?”  This was such a dilemma that troubled me greatly until I remembered my word.  FOCUS.  Focus on the idea.  Focus on the calendar.  Connect the dots in my own brain between the passion I feel at a new thought and the refinement process of sharing, developing, preparation, and execution.  I knew I needed to write my thoughts down somewhere.  Somewhere that makes sense and somewhere I will easily find it later.  I felt the gentle coaching of the Spirit as I obeyed.  I felt God telling me to not be troubled or fearful that the idea will be gone like a dream, but to be strong and brave and to allow Him to help me practice FOCUS and bring the idea about in the proper time.  As it turns out focus is a lot more than being organized.

“A person’s focusing system, called accommodation, allows a person to see clearly, particularly up close…the ability to quickly shift focus when looking from near to far, such as when looking from the desk to the board is part of this skill.”  ~Children’s Vision Coalition


*selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things

*rendering in clear outline or sharp detail by adjusting one’s vision

*making adjustments to produce a clear, distinct, well-defined image

*directing toward a particular point or purpose

 *A center of interest or activity.


So let’s keep focused on that goal,

those of us who want everything God has for us.

If any of you have something else in mind,

something less than total commitment,

God will clear your blurred vision—

you’ll see it yet!

Philippians 3:15 (Message)

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