To The Happy Couple


I went to your wedding last night and had a wonderful time with lots of friends and your beaming family.  I wrote a nice happy sentiment in the card with your gift, but there wasn’t enough room for this to-do list for a long & happy marriage.  You better begin right away, though some of the items will take some time:

1)  Wake up smiling next to each other.

2)  Stare at your left hand with shock and awe.

3)  Get irritated on your honeymoon.

4)  Gawk over your wedding photos together.

5)  Accidentally say something rude about one of your in-laws.

6)  Spend a holiday differently than your family of origin ever did before.

7)  Neglect to pay a bill on time.

8)  Get a new job.

9)  Lose a great job.

10)  Meet someone for the first time who you are now related to.

11)  Watch your spouse hold a baby and give each other “the look.”

12)  Move

13)  Remodel

14)  Clean Out the Garage

15) Accidentally throw out something that was important.

16)  Sing together.

17)  Go to a high school reunion where you don’t know anyone.

18)  Go to a family reunion where you don’t know most of the people.

19)  Find the perfect gift and keep it a secret for more than a week.

20)  Get mad.  Make up.

21)  Get sad.  Make up.

22)  Get make-up.

23)  Make a purchase that doesn’t go over well.

24)  Make a decision alone.

25)  Take a road trip.

26)  Get a speeding ticket.

27)  Hang out with newly married friends that you both like to spend time with.

28)  Arrive somewhere late—smiling.

29)  Do something exactly like the other one’s parents would have done it.

30)  Tell each other “thank you.”

31)  Tell each other “good job.”

32)  Tell each other “I’m sorry.”

33)  Tell each other “We’ll get through this.”

34)  Tell each other “You are the greatest.”

35)  Watch something you don’t like but your spouse loves.

36)  Make a combination Netflix queue.

37)  Institute a weekly date night.

38)  Forget to go on a date for several years.

39)  Tell each other “I forgive you.”

40)  Tell each other “I’m so proud of you!”

41)  Ask each other “What do you think I should do?”

42)  Ask each other “What can I do to make this better?”

43)  Listen

44)  Refer to each other with kindness.

45)  Pray for one another constantly.

46)  Surprise one another—in private.

47)  Remember the good times.

48)  Avoid mentioning previously forgiven mistakes when angry.

49)  Make your own list of things you love about each other by your first anniversary.

50)  Refer to the list often.


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