Farmer’s Market Auction


While dropping off an SUV of middle schoolers at their church youth group, I connected with two other moms who were headed to the Farmer’s Market Auction last night.  They invited me to come along and was it a trip!

We got our official auction numbers, and gawked at the gorgeous veggies, berries & flowers.

farmers market1

My pals kept reminding me not to fan myself with my number and inadvertently bid on some box of onions.

farmers market 3

The guy began his hominahominahomina4! hominahominahomina4ANDAHALF! and two of us began our full blown panic attacks.  “What is he saying?”  “Gibberish with numbers thrown in I think.”  This is maybe the first job with a microphone involved that I didn’t think I would like to try.


I opted to visit the barbeque sandwich stand.  Where the prices are SET and I KNOW how much I will be spending and how many I will walk away with.

One friend, however, was a natural decision-maker and confident bidder–from watching Storage Wars, no doubt.  I saw her give an expert, almost imperceptible head shake after she bid once and the auctioneer kept looking at her to drive the price up.  SHE was IMPRESSIVE.

famers market 2

We got boxes-o-corn for pennies on the dollar.  We also were kind enough to bail out a fellow auction newbie who meant to buy one watermelon for the low low price of $1.50 but somehow accidentally found herself with 21 of them.  There but for the grace of God go we.

famers market all



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