Don’t Shush Me ‘Cause I’m Close to the Edge


Last fall I attended a women’s retreat.  I was under a lot of stress and wasn’t having my usual great time until early Sunday morning.  I got up and began a nice and uplifting quiet time–reading to myself in a room with a few other early risers and their coffee.  Around 8 am, someone across the room whispered a question to me and I answered with a soft snicker.  A third person chimed in and we had a full blown whisper giggle battle a-brewing.  We were so proud of ourselves for thoughtfully and intentionally keeping our voices quiet.  We knew this common room shared walls with two sets of bunk rooms housing several dozen ladies on either side.  After about 20 minutes we were getting close to breakfast time and someone came in and began talking in a normal volume, daytime voice.  Laughter rose to the rafters shortly thereafter, and it wasn’t long before She Who Will Not Be Named marched right into the party.  I greeted her with a cheerful “Good Morning” but she did not reply.  Instead, she briskly approached and asked me to keep it down because people were still sleeping.  I was shushed.  I was baffled.  I was shocked.  I was FINALLY having a good time and one of my “sisters” SHUSHES me?  It was 8 flipping 40 and time for breakfast.  There’s no sleeping in at Women’s Retreat!

Well, of course this dire warning was completely ineffective.  After my shock wore off, and she trotted away, after a stunned silence we all busted out laughing.  I mean, like 10 of us were all in on this crazy riotous morning conversation, but somehow I was the ringleader?  A true sister reached up over the doorway, grabbed an object and said, “What does this do?” pushing a button and thereby sounding off the loud safety horn.  Can I just say NO ONE came in to shush her.

I must say, it wasn’t the first time I have gotten into trouble for chatting at any volume, and it won’t be the last.  We have an inside joke now about being shushed.  A short time later a pal tagged me in this picture on facebook.  I am using it as my inspiration for the 24 day START challenge.  I have a LOT to say!



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