Mess Fest 2013


We’re gearing up for an event our Children’s Ministry puts on in lieu of Vacation Bible School which we call “Mess Fest.”  It stems from a program held over 10 years ago called “Nick at Night” at Coastal Community Church which had to do with the story of Nicodemus’ night visit to chat with Jesus.  Back in the day, this event featured teams of children and adults doing fun games together in a school gym.

Last year, in 2012, we brought back the concept of Nick at Night — a community outreach event in the Green Run area of Virginia Beach under the name Mess Fest.  We scoped out a field, planned and plotted, ordered T-shirts, gathered 30 volunteers, hosted about 60 kids and families, prepared songs and a Gallagher-style messy lesson on The Fruit of the Spirit, got about half way through it….and then came the angry clouds.  We had stations set up of messy games but no one thought to get Al Roker to sign off on the sunshine guarantee–so we all had to bail, running for cover.  It was a nightmare.

So, naturally, we’re doing it again.

Instead of meticulously planned out competition games between color teams, and high-maintenance rotations, this year we are doing Mess Fest FIELD DAY style.

As part of my research for this event, I bought a bib for the Color Vibe 5K run (walk, sweat, complain, gasp, pant) in Chesapeake and was rewarded with a box full of leftover color packets to use at Mess Fest.

color packetsIn addition, we will have stations with varying degrees of mess factor–from a colorful sandbox for babies and toddlers in the shade, to Condiment Twister, to complete and total Chocolate Slip N Slide dousage.  It will be a crazy fun event this Saturday.  Hopefully Al and Jesus will hook us up with dry & mild weather.


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