Sing a Song


You know you want to jam to my crazy awesome START playlist:

Any Dream Will Do–Donny Osmond

“Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

The world and I, we are still waiting, still hesitating, any dream will do.

Treasure — Bruno Mars

You’re my golden star.

One Day More — Les Miserables

Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store.

Good Morning — Mandisa

Mownin’ Lil’ Miss Sunshine!

Right Now — Van Halen

Right now is harder than it looks.

Come On In — Oak Ridge Boys

When I get tired and a little lonely, the world’s turned it’s cold back on me,

When I’m about to swear that I ain’t got a friend left to my name,

Instead of sinkin’ a little lower, I start makin’ tracks on over

To a place where the sun shines day & night & where I know I’ll hear ya say:

Come on in, baby take your coat off, come on in, baby take a load off,

Come on in baby shake the blues off, I’m gonna love that frown away…

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If you sing a song today you will make a better way

yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah.

There are so many more…what’s in your top 10 for motivational tunes?

I must know.


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