Punching Fear & Taking Names


Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside-down
Just take a little minute & here’s one hint
I’ll tell you how I became a part of the START experiment.

A quarter-million people, invited to play
On tablets, phones, in cubicles, spending part of their days,
Reading Jon’s blogs, sharing comments and laughs, shootin’ off links to friends and better halves,
When in 24 hours a challenge was claimed
Jon was punching fear & taking names
We sent in one little email & then all got scared and said,
“Speed it up Becky & Myra — we’re pulling out our hair!”

Out to our partners and groups got named
And we said to each other
“Yo Holmes, blog ya later!”
We all named a risk and found fears to punch
We will claim the BIG WIN as the Brave STARTexp Bunch!


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