[Some folks] Just Don’t Understand


I’m doing a 24-day experiment with humorous author and speaker Jon Acuff and we’re on day 18.  Each day he gives us a quick motivational homework assignment to help us START our dream, take a risk, build community, or just be awesome.


On Day 1 someone suggested on a facebook thread that we needed a START theme song.

Challenge accepted.

I re-wrote the lyrics to the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

In about 5 minutes.

It was epic.

Today someone posted a non-complimentary comment on our main page for all 2,466 people to read.

So it inspired me to write a sequel.  Me & Will, we compliment each other, yo?

You know [some folks] are the same no matter time nor place,
They don’t understand that us starters gonna make some mistakes,
So to you all STARTers all across the land…
There’s no need to argue, [some folks] just don’t understand.

I remember one day Dude dropped an unsupportive comment,
Read it to me, my brother, my mom, oh, my pop, and
My little sister all were hopping mad.
We headed to the keyboard to reply something bad.

The [person] started bugging with the words he chose
I didn’t say nothin’ at first, I just turned up my nose,
[Person] said, what’s wrong? Where’s my new ideas?
I said, “Dude relax, come join the #START group at IKEA.”

The next half hour was the same old thing…
My [person]’s dissatisfaction with the thoughts that I bring,
And then he lost his mind and did the ultimate!
Free invitation to adventuretime and I get this?

I said, “Ya get what ya pay for, so I’ll refund it.”
He said, “I’m acting 16, I want more for my fit.”
He said, “Jon, let’s halt the discounts and tips.” I said, “NO!
You came here to START not for a comment thread show.”

He wasn’t moved, everything stayed the same.
Inevitably the last day of STARTexp came.
He was glad it all was over, he almost got sick,
But STARTnation said, “No. No way. Uh-uh. Forget it.”

So to all you STARTers across the land,
There’s no need to argue, some folks just don’t understand.


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