Hopelessly Devoted to The One that I Want


Ah, Grease.  The movie my parents took me to see and *almost* walked out of.

I felt like such a grown up seeing that flick at age 10.  It wasn’t until I bought the Scholastic comic book of the movie that I learned some new words and phrases from my favorite song “Greased Lightning.”  Entertaining AND educational.

So below are some thoughts I had at age 10 and now at age 40+

10–Oh, yay!  I had no idea this movie had cartoons!

40+  Pretty sure that nightgown is see-through

10–Of course the Pink Ladies are gonna rule the school.  They’re SENIORS.

40+ Rizzo & pals may rule the school, but they’ll be working at K-Mart in July.

10–Sandy is so pretty

40+  Sandy is so pretty.  Please guard your heart, Sandy.  Please?

10–Danny is gross.  Even beach-Danny is slimy.  Why does she even like him?

40+  Moment of silence for all dancing greasers everywhere.

10–Boys are dumb.  All they think about is cars.

40+  “Unless you’ve got wheels and a motor, he won’t know you’re alive.”  Preach, Riz.

10– I like Frenchie the best.  She’s a good friend.

40+  Sometimes the most loyal and wise friends make the dumbest decisions.

10– I wish I was more like Marty.  Marachino.  As in “cherry.”  Those things are like candy.

40+ — Girls I Know:  Don’t you DARE be like Marty.


10– I hope I don’t ever know someone like Patty Simcox.  She gets on my nerves.

40+  Patty Simcoxes are EVERYWHERE.  Let them do the heavy lifting.  All they need is acknowledgement and a round of applause.

10–Cha Cha DeGragorio looks like she’s practically 30

40+  Googled Cha Cha.  She TOTALLY WAS 30.

10–I love how they will always be together…even after they graduate

40+  Thank God the memories are enough.


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