If you are not yet on Twitter, TODAY IS THE DAY.

Click here if you need my Tweetorial.  (It’s from 2009!  Too funny)

So this is Shark Week and I stumbled on some ferocious hilarity that began with my pal @ChrchCurmudgeon when I saw the hashtag #SharkHymns:

“Losing All My Everlasting Arms”

“How Great White Thou Art”

“Wherever He Bleeds I’ll Go”

As I entered the search for more #SharkHymns, cracking up not-at-all-silently on my couch, the rest of the family got in on the fun.

This is family fun in 2013, gathering around the old trusty iPhone reading off crazy twitter hashtag searches to one other.  This one was the best I could come up with:

@Automatic7:  O 4 1000 seals 2 flee the great white sharks sharp teeth/the breaches of the slow mo cam, the triumphs @ the beach.

My daughter made me cry with her #SharkHymn rendition of “You are Good:”

@thatpurplekid: And I’ll SCREAM because you’re a shark and I’ll BLEED because you’re a shark and I’ll DROWN because you’re a shark, you’re a shark indeed indeed

Here are some more of my favorites:

@SethUrquhart Be Still My Seal

@CoreyKlem  Abite In Me

@Coolish_Breeze  Mine Eyes Have Seen the Gory

@sinden  Wholly, wholly, wholly;  I eat them wholly

@snarkytechguy1  Precious Shark, Take My Hand

@elbyviau  I Have Decided to Swallow Jesus

@ministryville  Fins are Fins Forever

@gehmanphoto When I Survey the Blood I have Lost

@HipsterStudentPastor  Chum Thou Fount

@Jarrellwoodhull  Shark-proof Cages, Cleft For Me, let me hide myself in thee

@handsXfeet Just as I Swam

@DrBradHolland  Maul Things Bring and Beautiful

@cmptrdwg  Up From the Wave He Arose

@Jason_carson  Fearful, Fearful, We abhor Thee

@Cobybwilliams  I Dismember All

And from the Praise and Worship Category:

@TravisStanley  [oh no] You Never Let Go,

@TonyPyles  Oh, and He Munched Me

@TravisStanley   I Could Chew on Your Leg Forever


I could search this hashtag forever.

I could search this hashtag forever.





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