My main problem with goal-setting is that whole “what if” thing. So I prefer to be flexible and vague. That way, the target is HUGE and the bull’s-eye is very floppy and asymmetrical and blobish. HOORAY! I did it!  (-ish)  ‘What exactly did you do?”  Well I did this thing!  “Is that what you were trying to do?”  Well, no.  But still, YAY!

And so it goes.

The most recent challenge I made for myself I accomplished with focus and determination and not a huge amount of sacrifice, but some.

In fact, I went farther than I challenged myself.  Which made me stop and think:

  •  That “impossible” thing wasn’t as impossible as I thought.
  •  Could I have done more?
  • Sometimes cheering on other people to their goals, while inspiring, also can distract me from mine.  Or from having some of my own.

So my next set of challenges are to be AUDACIOUS ones.  That means I have to not only make some goals, but then go ALL IN.

Two ladies who inspire me on a regular basis shared a very special moment with me yesterday.  One of them captured this moment.  The other one went ALL IN.

emily beach baptism

This picture depicts how I feel most days.  Almost, but not quite.  Close enough.  Best intentions, not yet complete.

Maybe because my goals are so floppy.

But I have made some new, more specific goals.

I’m going all in.


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