The Care & Keeping of a START machete


[Thanks to fellow Starter Stephen Gutshall for contributing.]

The machete is commonly known as a large cleaver-like knife. In the START experiment, the “machete” you will use is cleverly disguised as a journal with goals, dreams, risks and tasks recorded therein.

In various tropical and subtropical countries, the machete is frequently used to cut through rain forest undergrowth and for cutting down sugar cane. In the START experiment, your machete splits open flimsy excuses, destroys inner voices that lie, and clears away the brush of average.

Because the machete is common in many tropical countries, it is often the weapon of choice for uprisings. In the START experiment some uprisings may come from without—comments from the discouraged, criticism from those with limited understanding, people who mistake your intentions.  Still other foes come from within–self-defeating statements such as not having a place at the “the cool kids table,” self-doubt, and fear.

Your START machete should be used daily.  With confidence and practice, you will become one with your weapon.

Directions for using your START Machete:

Step 1:   Sharpen your START machete.  Lubricate laser-focused thoughts with community support, like-minded adventurers, and energetic encouragement.  Match the angled edge of the blade to the surface of the obstacle and strike with medium pressure a dozen times on each side.  AKA:  “hustle”

Step 2:  Grip your START machete firmly.  Also check the security of your mental grip and maintain appropriate distance from the disillusioned complainers and generally negative people. AKA: “haters”

Step 3:   Stand close enough to your target not to require a long reach but not so close that you will have to delay your swing. Keep in mind your target may change and therefore your stance and proximity to obstacles or “average,” must also change.

Step 4:  Swing down at an angle, away from legs and feet to eliminate reckless harm to self and others who are standing bravely next to you.  Snap wrist as the widened area of the sharpened START blade meets its target.  Celebrate that you now have less obstacles than you did 3 seconds ago and are now clearly more awesome.

Step 5:   Clean off debris–old ideas and habits, and renew your START machete with the oil of pride for a job well done, a risk accomplished, a goal met.  Diligently repair and maintain your START machete for future use.  Always store your START machete nearby where you can find it when you need it again.  And you will.



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  1. This StartExp has redeemed Facebook for me. I left FB because I was sick of people asking me to join Farmville or Vampires vs. Blenders. This is a great post about going on the offensive with our dreams…thanks for sharing!

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