START review


cell phone pix feb april 2013 505

I purchased this book at the Atlanta Orange Conference in April, hoping that Jon would be one of the Keynote speakers. I am re-reading it in August with new eyes as a result of the START experiment. About every 3rd page is dog-eared with wisdom and something to remember or reference. Readers will find the humor and practical advice Jon shares to be relevant for anyone alive who is compelled to do anything of worth. Hash-tagging any of the three subtitle phrases or #STARTexp will bring you in contact with a mob of supportive community and helpful discussion on twitter.

I also appreciate the word picture “fear piñata” and am now using that image in my everyday thought life.

The roadmap to awesome Jon has produced is a powerful yet simple concept but challenging to accomplish. I will keep this book as a reference for the rest of my life and give it to everyone I know & love, as well as random strangers on planes, who desire to be even more awesome.

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