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Spiritual Physics–Reaction


Newton’s Third Law of Motion states:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

caterpillar reaction

In other words, when you push an object it pushes back.

Or in life, if you have some fear, and you get up the nerve, motivation and stamina to punch it, there will be resistance.

punching bag and glovesIt might even punch back.

This is interesting because sometimes we get so fired up to tackle something that we’ve never done before, go on a new adventure, try out a new skill, be more, do more…

…the very first obstacle may take us by surprise.

Even a punching bag offers resistance.  That’s the whole point.

Otherwise we’d go around punching through the paper posters that hard working cheerleaders paint for their awesome football teams.

Or we’d drive over those pesky orange cones as we try to pass Meemaw on the four-lane.

Or we’d take a shiv to all those neighborhood stupid blow-up snowmen in people’s yards from November to January.

It’s what bullies do…react to someone who can’t react in an equal and opposite way.  Bullies pick fights to win.   They stack the deck.  They get immediate feedback and a fake example of strength, when really it’s the opposite deep down.  By trying to feel stronger, we feel weaker when we don’t face and overcome resistance.

That’s what we do when we choose easy challenges for ourselves.

We are bullying our too-tiny dreams.

We need to pick on some dream our own size.

Like Goliath was David’s size.   That kind of dream.

Goliath-sized dreams.  Goliath-sized fears.  That’s what we need to be punching.

And we brace ourselves knowing that there will be an equal but opposite reaction–sometimes an unexpected one.

We also remember as we go to battle that we have knowledge and preparation to rely on, unlimited faith, support, motivation, and get-back-up-itude.

Eventually it may dawn on us that the “impossible” battle was not quite as difficult as it appeared.  All it took was confidence and one well-aimed stone.

Use the Force


Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.


An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

So the resistance of anything to a change in its state of motion OR rest is not just a tendency…it’s the LAW.

This explains a lot.

  • Why it is so challenging to START something new.
  • Why it is so difficult to REST when in the midst of doing All The Responsible Things.
  • Why it is practically impossible to maintain appropriate balance the two–rest and work.
  • Why it is just as frustrating to keep on going but in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION.  So.  Much.  Effort.

I think that the Holy Spirit is or can be that “unbalanced” force for many.

It is unbalanced because it is stronger than the person it is acting upon.

It comes from a place of light and right and good and pushes us towards movement or rest or change that is not necessarily easy.

And by “necessarily” I mean NOT AT ALL, EVER.

The Holy Spirit that I am aware of  does not scream SLOW DOWN like an overzealous lifegard.

God does not pick us up and turn us around like a happy meal car, rev our engines up for us and point us in the direction He wants us to go.

Jesus didn’t heal every person who he laid eyes on.  Some people he even argued with.  “Do you want to be well?”  “What do you want?”  “Who do YOU say that I am?”

So spiritual inertia takes into account our human tendency to stay, to do or to not do.   What a brillant plan.  It is not all up to us.

How is inertia playing out with you?  (work/relationships/dreams) 

For me it is REST from helping many, in order to focus on those that ONLY I can help.

It is also CHANGING DIRECTION from some personal communication habits that aren’t effective.

Simultaneously it is MOVEMENT towards a skill set that has been ignored and now is the time to engage.

None of it is easy.  All of it is essential.

Is there a nudge you need to heed to rest?  Change directions?  Begin some new thing?  How will you Use the Force

See what I did there?

I would love it if you would tell me in the comments below!

Spiritual Physics


I want to build a house upon this mountain.

Way up high where the peaceful waters flow.

To quench my thirsty soul

Up on the mountain.

I can see for miles up on this mountain.

Troubles seem so small they almost disappear.

Lord, I love it here,

Up on the mountain.

My faith is strengthened by all that I see,

You make it easy for me to believe,

Up on the mountain.  Oh, up on the mountain.

I would love to live up on this mountain.

Keep the pain of living life so far away,

But I know I can’t stay,

Up on the mountain.

I said I’d go, Lord, wherever you lead,

For where you are is where I most want to be

And I can tell we’re headed for the valley.

My faith is strengthened by all that I see,

So, Lord, help me remember what you told me

Up on the mountain.

You bring me up here on the mountain.

For me to rest and learn and grow.

I see the truth up on the mountain.

And I carry it to the world far below.

So as I go down to the valley,

knowing that you will go with me,

This is my prayer:  Lord help me to remember what you showed me

Up on the mountain.  Up on the mountain.

I cherish these times up on the mountain.

But I can leave this place because I know.

Someday you’ll take me home to live forever

Up on the mountain.


Romans Project


A friend and I have committed for the calendar year 2013 to memorize sections of Romans.  We have two assigned verses each week and often “sign off” on each other’s memorization.  We focus on progress, not perfection.  We have both fallen behind at times.

Life Chapter Romans 8

In April we were finished with the first chapter.  It ends in a pretty bleak place so I was anxious to get to Romans 8.

Romans 8_1

I have been using Scripture Typer to practice my verses.  I think I must be a kinesthetic learner.   I also use the song tunes that come to me as I initially read each verse through.  In early May, I found “Don’t Worry Be Happy”  to be so appropriate for Romans 8:1-2.  If you skip the “Here’s a little song I wrote” part and hum the chorus to verses 1-2 you will have a peek inside my brain.   I am using a different translation than the picture above, so in my head it goes like this:

Woo-oo-oo-oo-oo, Oo-oo-oo-oo-Oo-o-oo 

Therefore there is now no condemnation

Don’t worry 

for those


Who are in Christ Jesus

Be happy



In Christ Jesus

Don’t worry, be happy

The law of the spirit who

GIVES you life HAS set YOU free from the law of sin

Don’t worry

and death

ROMans Chapter Ei-eeiii-eiiight

ver-erse 1 and 2

Are you singing with me?

It has been a real gift to see how the verses each week have been amazingly helpful.  Even when I have fallen behind.  Like I am right now.

Yesterday I tried to cram 10 verses to the Les Mis soundtrack.  Unsuccessful. 

But I have 6 more days.

The one I have been recently waking up singing, and makes me want to do a one woman show is this one:

Romans 8_15

This one is from July and I thought I was so clever putting it to an Abba song “Dancing Queen.”  Again, a different translation but here’s how it goes in my head:

You can dance

The Spirit you received

You can jive

Does not make you

Having the time of your life –ooo ooo oo

Slaves so that you live in fear again

See that girl

Rather the Spirit

Watch that scene

You received

Digging the Dancing Queen.

Brought about your ado

ooo ooo ooo oo oo oo oo ooo

ption to sonship.

Anybody could be that guy

And by him we cry “Abba, Father”

NIght is young and the music’s high

The Spirit Himself testifffiiiiiiiieeeees

With a bit of rock music

With our spirit

Everything is fine

 that we are

You’re in the mood for a dance

God’s children

Anybody could be that guy

and if we are children then we are heirs

(fast doodly doo music)

heirs with God and co-heirs with Christ

NIght is young and the music’s high

if indeed we share in his suuuuuuufferings

Where they play the rock music

In order that we may

Everything is fine

also share in

Youre in the mood for a dance

His glory.

Here’s the part that I love to belt out…and SO HAVE NEEDED TO THIS MONTH:

And if you get the chance,

I consider that

You are the dancing queen

Our present sufferings

Young and sweet only 17

are not worth comparing

Dancing queen

With the glory

Feel the beat from the tambourine, Oh yeah

That will be revealed in us

(oh yeah!)

This has been an awfully difficult month for our family and this verse has been a lifeline.  Sometimes I put a particularly sad verse with a peppy tune.  I have called on Elton John, Skid Row, various hymns and the Lion King to assist me as well.  Have you found a good way to memorize a special verse?  IF SO, LEMME KNOW!


Self Pep Talk


A mentor of sorts and a writing guru said this week, “Write what you would like to come upon.”

She also wrote, “We are in the striving business. God is in the results business. Crisis calls for prayer and radical self care.” ~Anne Lamott

Here is what else I would like to come upon:

Even during crisis–there is peace.
Even when dreams die–there is a lifeline.
Even when rejected–someone else arrives.

Be where you are.

Look for joy.

Take time to breathe, rest, write.

This is important.
Your experience matters.
You can do this!
It will be hard but you are ready.

Assistance and adventure await!

Cream of the Crop


One of my favorite friends just moved to TX.  We used to meet together in different combinations for learning, exercising, and countless laughs and occasional tears over coffee.  I got this message from my far away friend recently:

“Hi friends.  I just poured my coffee and used the last of the creamer and it made me think of…how we were always taking creamer back and forth to each other’s houses.  That the creamer is what makes the coffee sweet and yummy…and it makes something usually a bit bitter tolerable.

“You all brought the same to my life.  My most favorite, sweet memories in VB have been with you all.  Beach nights, Bible Study, running, walking, talking on porches, shuffling kiddos, swimming…the creamer in my life.  Love you all today and every other day!”


Never could I have imagined meeting such friends when we moved from MI to VA.  I am so very thankful for these amazing treasures.  It is overwhelming to realize God has his purposes and perfect timing in friendships, good-byes, vulnerability, and protection.  We take turns being wise mothers, bossy big sisters, whiny little sisters, and caring aunts to each other.  Two of us are grandmothers.  Two of us are divorced.  Two of us are neighbors.  Two of us are never quiet.  All of us are blessed.

Who are your good girlfriends?

Road Trip Songs


My good pal is headed to TX.  I will miss her so, but I envy the time she gets to spend in the car.  Then I remember that she will have 3 young boys and a mini-zoo traveling with her, and I’m not envious any more.

Usually when I travel I stumble on some great station that carries me 100 miles or so with tunes that take me back.  One trip I made from VA to TN happened to be days after the death of the King of Pop.  It was MJ for 8 hours–a fitting tribute.

Here are some songs I could play on my ipod with ease, but it just feels like God loves me more when I hear them randomly on the radio.  I love to belt these tunes out in the car and remember being 17 again:

Stone in Love – Journey

I can so remember singing this song from the lifeguard stand.  I was a vigilant keeper of the safety in my day.  Clearly.

Panama – Van Halen

Van Halen taught me so much about music and the importance of having fun while doing what you love.   I remember being at the Convenient and this one guy pumping gas and singing this song to me through the window.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

When I hear this one, I am transported back to the 1985 winter swim team bus where I let a sophomore borrow my walk man and brand new cassette.  His mind was blown.  You’re welcome.  Seniors rule.

Faith – George Michael

I actually thought this one was about faith…when you skip the verses and just sing the chorus, it’s practically a hymn.

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me – Boy George

Remember when Boy George was a kooky as a famous person got?  And he was the only one doing/wearing strange things?  And he was pretty quiet?  >>>That.

Misled – Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang was my first concert without parents.  While everyone else was singing Celebration I prided myself on being more angsty and singing of my tragic pain.

What songs from back in the day do you love belting in the car?

What memories do these or other songs bring back for you?