Cream of the Crop


One of my favorite friends just moved to TX.  We used to meet together in different combinations for learning, exercising, and countless laughs and occasional tears over coffee.  I got this message from my far away friend recently:

“Hi friends.  I just poured my coffee and used the last of the creamer and it made me think of…how we were always taking creamer back and forth to each other’s houses.  That the creamer is what makes the coffee sweet and yummy…and it makes something usually a bit bitter tolerable.

“You all brought the same to my life.  My most favorite, sweet memories in VB have been with you all.  Beach nights, Bible Study, running, walking, talking on porches, shuffling kiddos, swimming…the creamer in my life.  Love you all today and every other day!”


Never could I have imagined meeting such friends when we moved from MI to VA.  I am so very thankful for these amazing treasures.  It is overwhelming to realize God has his purposes and perfect timing in friendships, good-byes, vulnerability, and protection.  We take turns being wise mothers, bossy big sisters, whiny little sisters, and caring aunts to each other.  Two of us are grandmothers.  Two of us are divorced.  Two of us are neighbors.  Two of us are never quiet.  All of us are blessed.

Who are your good girlfriends?

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  1. Oh friend…I just finally sat down to catch up on your blog with a cup of coffee and now Im a big blubbering mess. I miss you all like crazy. Not like we got together everyday, but just knowing you all were close if I ever needed anything was enough to fill me with calm and confidence. But in my heart, I know you all are just a phone call away. Love you today and always!

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