Spiritual Physics–Reaction


Newton’s Third Law of Motion states:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

caterpillar reaction

In other words, when you push an object it pushes back.

Or in life, if you have some fear, and you get up the nerve, motivation and stamina to punch it, there will be resistance.

punching bag and glovesIt might even punch back.

This is interesting because sometimes we get so fired up to tackle something that we’ve never done before, go on a new adventure, try out a new skill, be more, do more…

…the very first obstacle may take us by surprise.

Even a punching bag offers resistance.  That’s the whole point.

Otherwise we’d go around punching through the paper posters that hard working cheerleaders paint for their awesome football teams.

Or we’d drive over those pesky orange cones as we try to pass Meemaw on the four-lane.

Or we’d take a shiv to all those neighborhood stupid blow-up snowmen in people’s yards from November to January.

It’s what bullies do…react to someone who can’t react in an equal and opposite way.  Bullies pick fights to win.   They stack the deck.  They get immediate feedback and a fake example of strength, when really it’s the opposite deep down.  By trying to feel stronger, we feel weaker when we don’t face and overcome resistance.

That’s what we do when we choose easy challenges for ourselves.

We are bullying our too-tiny dreams.

We need to pick on some dream our own size.

Like Goliath was David’s size.   That kind of dream.

Goliath-sized dreams.  Goliath-sized fears.  That’s what we need to be punching.

And we brace ourselves knowing that there will be an equal but opposite reaction–sometimes an unexpected one.

We also remember as we go to battle that we have knowledge and preparation to rely on, unlimited faith, support, motivation, and get-back-up-itude.

Eventually it may dawn on us that the “impossible” battle was not quite as difficult as it appeared.  All it took was confidence and one well-aimed stone.


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