Evening with a Hero


Last Thursday I took a long overdue road trip with my bridesmaid & college pal Jennie Glamour (at Samford University in Birmingham Alabama, we pronounced it “GLAY-am-ah”).  We drove a few hours to Richmond to see a writing guru of ours, Anne Lamott.  After chatting the whole way about college shenanigans and old crushes and how fast (or not) I should be driving, we had a fabulous dinner of burgers and beer at the Blue Goat. 

While she sat peacefully drinking in the wisdom of this newfound author to her, I wrote furiously.  Below are some random nuggets of wisdom from a great night of inspiration:

  • The only thing that every saved anyone is one person caring for another.

  • It is so easy to not do the small thing that brings hope & healing.

  • Where you are with what you have is enough.

    Where you are with what you have is plenty.

    Where you are with what you have is the perfect place to start.

  • You don’t have to rush around being perfect to earn your oxygen on this planet.

  • Messes are as much a part of creation as sharpened pencils.

  • Jesus’ theological mission statement when he walked the earth = Me too.

  • There are two responses to a loved one with crazy talk:  “Oh.  OK.”  &  “Hmmm.  Interesting.”

  • Like most people, I read the Bible faithfully and passionately when I’m in enough pain.
  • I read lots of poetry, but I also read People magazine. 


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