I’m opening my gift
Christmas two thousand & nine
I hope it’s not clothes,
But a book would be fine.
I got a Kindle 2nd gen
Because you’re a savvy buyer
I read it every night, but now, ooo
Kindle Fire!

Late at night
My book light was on low
You say please turn it off
I say I’ve got one page to go
You say you need your sleep now
It is time to retire
No lamp required–ooo
Kindle Fire!

You had a hold on me right from the start
The colors so bright my book list warms the coldest heart
My searches all jumping, recommendations clearly seen
Well your games, books and apps make me the reading queen.

Well Romeo & Juliet,
Articles wild and tame,
I can read them all
And search for more of the same,
Goodbye T.V.
The world I will now acquire
When I turn on my new–oooo
Kindle Fire!


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