#NameTag Tag


My family has invented a fun game for church.

We didn’t invent it on purpose, it just kind of evolved.

At our church-in-a-highschool, we have a very lovely team of First Impression Greeters.  Yesterday it was pouring rain and one of them met us at the car with two huge umbrellas.  No matter the temperature, there are greeters opening the doors for attendees to walk in like royalty.  Then the first table to the right is the cheerful Name Tag Patrol.  They pride themselves on learning people’s names and study faces like they are in training for the CIA.  In addition to memorizing, they draw smileys and decorate the corners.  Some write in all caps, some in D’Nealian, all are dedicated and overjoyed when people show up.

Which makes me frustrated when my teens blow right past them and stealthily plan their ninja avoidance every week.

But #NameTag Tag has changed all that.

You see, in #NameTag Tag, the nametags are ammo.

By the time we are seated in the auditorium for worship, one of the parental units–typically me, has at least 3 misleading nametags on her back.


This is very confusing to visitors who certainly want to meet me, and in addition just serves to make me talk to people EVEN LONGER, delaying our departure after service.  Forgive them Father.  They know not what they do.

Last week one of my boys stumped one of the Greeters and she wrote “Shannon’s Kid” on a nametag rather than ask which boy was which.  One of my girls immediately obtained that ammo around the corner, and sneakily placed it on the back of an unsuspecting non-family member about her same age.  A cute one.  We watched across the auditorium to see how long it stayed on.  (While simultaneously nodding and remaining riveted to the sermon on avoiding stress and finding joy.  See?  We were TOTALLY listening.  It was in Philippians).  After the last song, we watched and waited to see who would help out the non-Shannon’s kid.  Turns out it was the actual Mom.  Good times.

This week all 6 of my family happily received their nametags.  None of us left with our own.

And #NameTag Tag was henceforth and forever more name tagged.


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