2013 OUT


Well, we made it.

In 2013 new sweet lives came into this world around us and made us celebrate, other sweet lives departed and made us weep.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice.  Mourn with those who mourn.”  Romans 12:15

People we love got married.  Family and friends celebrated birthdays and anniversaries.

People we love got divorced, diagnosed, dumped and deluded.

Rejoicing.    Mourning.

Some new neighbors, friends and classmates were introduced with hellos.

Others bid us a heart shattering goodbye.

Rejoice.  Mourn.

Sometimes thriving.  Often just surviving.


Another trip around the sun.

Some folks have changed in almost unrecognizable ways….like my 14 year old who dwarfs me now and my husband rocking the beard.

Some folks have not changed that much and are still 5’2 and buying pants that don’t have a number in them.

Sometimes “mourn” means get your @$$ to the gym.

One of my favorite lessons this year was about anguish and *joy* coexisting.

As I ponder these directions to rejoice/mourn–10 opposing words all in one sentence, contradicting emotions bent towards whoever is doing one or the other, it strikes me:

We put off our lonely mourning to rejoice with someone else’s good fortune.

We lay aside our selfish, possibly well-earned celebration to sincerely mourn with someone else who hurts.

In this, we unite.

In this, we don’t stay lonely, even if we do stay sad.

I vote for more rejoicing in 2014 and less mourning.  It may not be so.  It probably won’t be.

But when we mourn, at least we can do it together.

And that gives us reason enough to rejoice.

*Edited to add the word JOY.  Of course anguish and grief coexist.  Duh. *


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  1. Oh my dear, dear friend…I am with you…less mourning…more joy for sure! Such opposites seem so…we’ll, opposite…to us. But somehow only in His economy do they exist side by side. Looking forward to celebrating more with you in 2014!!! Xo

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