Turnt Down


To usher in 2014 I got a 2000 piece puzzle of a castle and a bottle of peach Firefly vodka. They don’t make the mint any more. Sad face.

It’s mostly for my husband. (wink wink)

We had some leftover lasagna, cracked open that big ol’ box and got to work–him on the clouds, me on the edges.

Dogs snuggled us. Teens breezed in and out of the room.

One kid said, “Why do you like puzzles so much?”

I guess he could see in my face that I was enjoying myself.


I thought about when that kid had last seen me do a puzzle.  It has been at least a year.

One memorable puzzle was during Hurricane Bonnie in Wilmington, NC in 1998.  With no A/C, no electric and three kids under three. What was I thinking?  Somehow it kept me sane. But that one was before he was born.

Another fun puzzle I received for Christmas one year was two houses ago. It was shaped like a sphere and required quite a bit more hand-eye coordination than I usually like to expend, but I got her done. I kept it like a trophy. In our laundry room.

As hubby and I combed through the pieces last night looking for white clouds and end pieces, I tried to figure out the answer to my son’s question.  Why DO I love puzzles so much?  I was surprised by how happy I was to be doing one again, and why it had taken me so long to remember how much joy and satisfaction they bring me.

I think it has to do with shifting attention from one “problem” to the next. I noticed how my hubby–in life and in puzzles–has a laser focus that does. not. change.  He studies the box with the concentration of a rocket surgeon (see what I did there?)  I, however, begin looking for an edge piece, then see a white piece and happily give it to him. I continue looking for an edge and find an interesting shape and think maybe I will look for other shapes like that one. Eventually I find an edge and remember, “Oh yeah. This is what I was originally looking for in the first place.”  It is a grand pursuit for someone with ADD. All the decisions! All the distractions! All the procrastination! And it all pays off in the end at some time TBD.


The final product looks the same whatever level of hunt & fit focus is used. Puzzles can be a solitary activity or a group activity. And one thing I need to remember for 2014, it is always good to look away, stretch, and take a break for a minute.

Things do always look a lot different in the light of day.


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